Friday, 9 December 2011

Sasha Secret Santa Swap Update & Some Sewing

It has been so cold today, but at least the wind has died down, not that we have had anything as bad as they have had up north.  I've been doing a little knitting and have made a cute little short sleeve cardigan, just need to sew a button on, and then I will take a photo of it.

The Secret Santa Gifts are arriving...don't forget to let me know when they arrive and also confirm that you have sent your parcels, those who haven't yet contacted me.  If you could send me photographs of the gifts please that would be wonderful so I can do a big blog post about them just after Christmas.

I have been doing some more sewing.

Monica my 1971 Trendon Sasha I bought from Shelly in the summer is modelling the newest Christmas dress, 'Holly & Berries'

She is such a pretty girl.

Next up is Serena my Blonde 1970 Blue Cord Sasha modelling a pretty dress made in a very fine delicate fabric that I was given at my quilting group.  It has quite a soft silky feel to it.

I love these soft pastel colours on a blonde I think they suit her so well....I should have changed her shoes though!

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