Sunday, 4 December 2011

Trimming the Tree & other Dolls.

The girls are excited about their Christmas tree, and couldn't wait to get the lights on it and a few silver baubles...the rest of the decorations will have to wait until I have made them!

After reading both  Dee of Sasha Village  and Sarah  of Vintage-Sasha  blog posts today regarding whether you just collect Sasha dolls, or other dolls as well, got me thinking and I thought I would add my tuppence worth as well.

I can remember my first dolls, one was 'Linda' a walking talking doll and I believe my grandparents bought her for me just before we left for New Zealand when I was six years old.  I also had Katie Copycat and still have both of these dolls, although they got damaged over the years but my Mum's dogs.  I also had a Tressy doll and really loved her.  She was bought for me in the very early 70s again before we left for New Zealand in 1973.  She travelled all the way over there with me as well and I had her for many years and then one day she disappeared.  We think she got lost on one of our many house moves...I still had her key and wedding dress, but sadly not the doll.  Many, many years later when I was home educating my oldest son, I bought a book off Ebay and rediscovered Tressy...and the rest as they say is history and very quickly built up a collection.  This hobby can to a standstill around 2003/4 and no more dolls were bought for several years until I finally succumbed to my desire to have a Sasha doll.  Well that was it, caught well and truly hook, line and sinker!  Now I couldn't imagine having any other dolls and as such am now flat broke, often left drooling after dolls I want to buy, and every now and again are grabbed by that terrible addicts downfall of buying another doll!  Of course this also means that I am now trying to sell of other 'objects, dolls and paraphenalia' to feed my Sasha addiction.  Fortunately my husband actually likes Sasha & Gregor dolls so doesn't mind me having them in the house, whereas the other dolls had been relegated to either the loft, top of the long as they don't look down at him, or the sewing studio.  Eventually though I will just have a few of my original dolls and the Sasha dolls.

So yes whilst I have a few other dolls of varying kinds, some of which can be seen here, I no longer collect them nor will add to my collection as for me now it is Sasha all the way!  I just love the way you can pose them in various scenarios, they are wonderful to sew for, being such perfect proportions and have such expressive all they really are the perfect doll.

Seeing Sarah's dolls on her blog Vintage-Sasha reminded me of a doll that came with an antique nursing chair I bought a couple of years ago.  I've no idea who she is or who she is made by, perhaps someone out there might know?

She is actually quite a heavy doll, but has no markings or labels that I can find.

For Dee of Sasha Village  I thought you might like to see one of my Tressy dolls, wearing 'Musical Mascot' a dress I made for her.


  1. Lorraine, my Tressy too vanished during a house move. My addiction is Sasha too and I look down Shelly's doll pages deciding which ones I will buy when I get that winning lottery ticket! Not to sure the DH will be pleased that thats my first port of call with our millions!! Oh To have a next day delivery of all the Sasha's and Gregors you have been drooling over on that site!!!

  2. Not a fan of Christmas..but I do think the Sasha sized tree is lovely... And the music print fabric (on Tressy) is fab...I love it :)

  3. Lovely Tressy! I still have mine, for which Mom saved food labels and sent them in. :)


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