Saturday, 24 October 2015

So what happened?

It was a lovely afternoon and the two bigger boys were just 'hanging out' as usual.

Henry approaches

Hey guys, do you want to come up  the tree house with me?  He asks.

Hamish looks at Bobby.

Sure why not.  They agree.

They head off in the direction of the tree house.

They boys 'playing it casual' as they don't want to appear to keen, but were actually quite pleased Henry suggested it.

Bobby volunteers to go up first.

As he climbs up he is completely oblivious to what is covering the trap door entrance....

Is he going to notice before it is too late?

Doesn't look like it!

Arghhh!  He cries


He scrabbles around trying to brush the cobwebs off his face....not even noticing that one of the spiders is on his arm!

Then he sees more cobwebs.....

and the skeleton through a haze of cobwebs and he lets out an almighty scream!

He scrabbles down the rope ladder, lightening fast.

Henry and Hamish are shocked!  What has happened?

He starts running and screaming at the same time, gabbling on about ghosts and ghouls and Hamish not really knowing what is happening picks up on the fear and starts screaming and running as well

The boys run for it.

Poor Bobby trips over the small fence as he takes off and falls head first.

The girls are watching from a distance and quietly giggling - they hadn't really expected such an extreme reaction!

Peggy Sue is a little concerned and starts heading towards the fallen Bobby.

But he picks himself up and is off before she gets to him.

Henry ever curious about what the fuss is about bravely climbs up to the tree house.

After all there really are no such things as ghosts and ghouls, so someone must have played a trick.

He looks astonished

It really is quite good and very effective he thinks to himself wondering who could have done it.

Just then...

Alice and Peggy Sue climb up the rope ladder....

Is this your work?  He asks them.

Um...yes. they say a little timidly, not quite knowing what to expect.

Henry has a closer look.

You do know that you really scared the boys, don't you?  He asks Alice.

Alice looks down guiltily...

Yes...she replies.

Meanwhile the 'ring leaders' are quite pleased with the reaction....they are totally oblivious to the fact there could have been serious consequences...

Back down on the ground, Henry explains to Alice and Peggy Sue that although it was rather 'funny'  someone could have been seriously hurt.

What if someone had fallen out of the tree?  He asks them.  As it was Bobby tripped over and may have hurt himself.

Alice and Peggy Sue look a bit sheepish.

Well the other girls told us it would be a good idea.  They tell Henry

Yes but just because they said it was, you could have worked out that perhaps it wasn't the right thing to do if it was being kept secret.  He tells them.

Sorry Henry.  They both say.

It is not me you have to say sorry to, but Hamish and Bobby.  He tells them.  As will the other girls!

They are not looking forward to that!

Boys being boys however, Hamish and Bobby are leaning nonchalantly against the tree as if nothing had happened....after all they want their egos left intact and it was so not a cool thing to do, running off screaming like they did.  Perhaps they had been watching too many scary movies they shouldn't have been watching?!


  1. Love it! - kmakies x

  2. Yup, the managers don't get the rap for their prank, poor Peggy Sue and Alice are the ones who take the blame. Bet Hamish and Bobby are feeling a bit sheepish too even if they're acting nonchalant.

    1. There is always someone who has to take the blame....and I guess they weren't exactly innocent so probably fair enough.... Yes I think Bobby and Hamish are indeed feeling rather sheepish, they are, after all, supposed to be the 'big' boys!

  3. This is a great continuation of the events, all the children's reactions are very realistic :-).

  4. A great post and very realistic! I love the cobwebs and spiders...soooo scary and the poor boys running and falling, what a trap the girls laid for them! Poor Hamish and Bobby! Henry is so brave and steady and was sure to discover the truth. It was nice Peggy Sue and Alice apologized too. Sweet girls! :) xxx

  5. Brilliant story and very well done to all the cast x

  6. Excellent posing and scenes! I liked the story very much. :)

  7. A super Halloween post with some dramatic results. (Bet that those big boys are feeling somewhat ashamed of their scared running off reactions now.....but so easily done when taken by surprise.)
    Love the spiders and their webs over the trap door opening.I remember that I used to cover my classroom windows and especially the door like that so that the children had to walk through the webs and spiders to get to their chairs and tables.

    Liked how we caught a glimpse of those naughty girls, smartly dressed in their Halloween dresses, giggling together around the swing..... though hoping that those lads aren't planning a similar trick to play on them later in the week.


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