Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Just Chillin'

Bobby and Hamish are out in the garden

Just hanging around as young lads often do

Along comes Henry and asks if they have seen anyone go up into the tree house

What?  They ask.

Henry points 'The tree house!  Have you seen anyone go up there?'

They look over.   'No, We haven't seen anyone go up there.  Why?'

I am sure I saw someone up there.  Henry says.  Come with me, let's have a look.

The boys wander over to the tree house ladder.

Who's going up first?  Henry asks.

I'll go.  I've been up before so I can help Hamish up.  Bobby says.

Bobby climbs the ladder.

Almost through.

Bobby pokes his head and shoulders through the trap door and climbs up onto the platform.

Come on Hamish.  Bobby calls as he reaches a hand down.

Hamish climbs the ladder with Henry watching below.

Hamish reaches up for Bobby's hand and Bobby helps him up.

Next up is Henry

Henry has climbed the tree house ladder many times before

Here you go.  Bobby says as he grabs Henry's hand to help him up the last little bit.

Thanks guys.  Henry says.  So what do you think?  Has someone been up here?

I am sure I saw someone up here....Henry tells the boys earnestly

Well there is no one here now apart from us Henry.  Hamish tells him.

Strange... Henry says....I would have sworn I saw someone up here....  Never mind.  He shrugs...

The boys hang around for a while - talking about their plans...

A little while later Henry is seen sitting in one of the trees pondering....

I just  know someone was up there....he says to himself.


  1. Love the photos, and the dolls photograph and pose so realistically!

  2. I wonder if he really did see someone up there...hmmmm. Hope we find out!

    Love the blog!

    1. I think he may well have done....

  3. What a wonderful and exciting den space this is high up here amongst the branches. Do your girls yet know of it or is it a 'lads only' domain ....(as was wondering if 'Dear' Henry had spotted a Sasha availing herself of his secret facilities and views.)

    Great photgraphy of them getting through the square entrance. Could almost be a happening, happening in real life.


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