Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Wishing all our USA friends and those who celebrate elsewhere a......


  1. Although I personally don't celebrate Halloween as such.....though I'm always equipped with a cauldron full of sweets for those visiting 'trick or treaters!......I wish everyone else, if you're celebrating, a fun and scary day.....but please remember to be extra nice and polite to the elderly and vunerable folks especially if they have no spare money for any treats.

    1. I have to say this is the only concession we make to Halloween and don't celebrate in any way - we have a sign that goes on the door from the Metropolitan Police that says sorry No Trick or Treaters due to the vulnerability of the old, and young and unaccompanied. It may sound mean but once you start giving out treats they expect it every year! It always seems strange to me that we teach our children 'not to accept sweets from strangers' and then one day a year actively encourage them to!

      I think it is a bit different in other places where it is more of a proper celebration and not just really scary costumes, but seems most of what is available here is just down right nasty & scary costumes.


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