Friday, 30 October 2015

A New Girl.

Finally she arrived - after a longer wait than expected!  A sister for Amber.

Amber is there to welcome her new sister.

She puts her arm round her and tells her she will be made to feel very welcome here.

Although late in the afternoon with no light a couple of compulsory 'arrival' photos were taken.

A sweet yellow eyed, with lashes, Gotz girl - one that has been on my wish list - just need to find a pretty blonde one day now!

The following morning after hunting through the clothes she came up with this dress I made some time ago to wear.

I think blue suits her better.

I haven't really had a doll I felt suited this dress before so delighted she looks so good in it.

She even found a matching coat to wear!

A little big, but will be nice and warm in the colder weather.

Different angles

Lovely girl.


  1. I just love these Gotz yellow eyed with lashes girls. They are so very pretty.
    At the moment My Brood hasn't one as the last two blondes were unfortunately sold on to help purchase an NP.... so one is back on again for my Sasha Wish List for later next year!

    I think that I particularly like the brunette hair with the yellow eyes combination. Good luck in finding your blonde girl.

    1. Hope you get to find one again next year Kendal!

      Love this girl. You are right the combination is just so lovely and they have such a different look I think.

  2. Congrats Lorraine! Your new Gotz girl is absolutely stunning!!!! What a perfect companion for Amber and she does look stunning in your lovely blue dress. I am sure they will have many good times together! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, she is just gorgeous and I hope they do have many good times together!


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