Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Scheming Continues..Plans in Progress.

Sasha, Victoria, Cora, Susan, Sally & Weaver were deep in discussion having developed a plan they just need two willing participants to carry it out....

Alice had been out by herself in the garden looking at various jobs to do.  

She sees the girls talking and wonders what is happening and wanders over to join them.

They can't believe their luck!

Hi Alice! They all chorus as she walks up to them.  Gather round everyone let's tell Alice our plan...

The girls all gather tightly together and Susan explains the plan.  They just need another willing participant!

Over there, points Alice.   I am sure Peggy Sue will be able to help as after all she has already been up the tree house once.  She helpfully suggests.

Peggy Sue is in her own little world innocently playing on the swing chair completely unaware of what is soon to happen.

Alice and Sasha approach Peggy Sue.

The other girls watch and wait... 

Peggy Sue sees the two girls approaching and waves hello and calls them over.

The girls tell Peggy Sue the plan and she has a little giggle behind her hand.

What fun!  She says with glee.

The gather round the basket of 'tricks' that Susan and the other girls have prepared.

So you want me to put it up there?  Peggy Sue asks.

Yes!  The all say together.

Always up for a challenge Peggy Sue agrees.

Up the ladder she goes with Alice watching and Susan waiting with the basket.

Peggy Sue climbs up.  

It is easier this time, she tells them.

She climbs through the hole.

With Alice close behind.  .

Cora has come over to see if any help is needed

Peggy Sue reaches down to help Alice up.

Grab my hand.  She tells Alice who has never been up the tree house before.

They put up a black cloth.

What next?  Peggy Sue asks.

I think we need to get the basket up here.  Alice replies.

After some clever work with rope and pulling they manage to get the basket of goodies up onto the platform.

They start decorating.

Peggy Sue places some of the spiders.

Alice puts some on her side as well.

They stand back to admire their handiwork.

So what do you think?  Peggy Sue asks Alice.

I think it looks great. Alice replies.  
This will definitely scare the boys as they won't be expecting it!

They climb down.

Alice gets down first.

As Peggy Sue climbs down she pulls the webbing over the trap door hole.

Ready and waiting for the unexpected!

Meanwhile some of the girls are waiting...

Sally is a bit unsure about what they are doing and Sasha reassures her it is all just a bit of fun.

The other girls approach

They are a bit concerned that Sally might let out their secret, but fortunately it seems Sasha has managed to convince her not to.

They all discuss what to do next.

Cora tells them that they really ought to hide and wait for the boys as they are sure to be out this afternoon as it is such a good day.

Alice hides behind the mouses house.

She peeks from behind it.

Sasha and Weaver hide behind a tree.

Peggy Sue hides up a tree, knowing the boys will never expect her to be up there.

Cora hides behind another tree...

Susan joins her...

Victoria and Sally decide it is best to 'act natural' as after all the boys might think it strange if NONE of the girls are in the garden on such a lovely afternoon....

To be continued....


  1. ah ha - the art of delegation (or how to be a manager) - get other willing volunteers to do the work for you! Wonder if the boys will come outside into the garden or whether they've gone for a hike on a sunny day instead.

    1. Yes indeed, the art of delegation! We will see what happens. ;-)

  2. LOL this is wonderful! Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Glad you enjoyed :-) Next instalment posted.

  3. A great story, I'm curious to see how the boys will react :-). The swing is a lovely accessory by the way!

    1. Thank you. The swing is fun. It is rather 'weathered' now as it tends to stay outside.

  4. 'Tis the season for mischief! :-)

  5. Those are very naughty scheming girls getting unsuspecting Alice and Peggy-Sue to do their 'dirty' work for them.


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