Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - The end

Miscellaneous photographs from Sunday

Virginia and Henry

Henry asks Virginia something...

Brenda & Henry in conversation

Saying goodbye.

Anne V having an animated conversation with Henry

They got on very well indeed as can be seen.

Chilling (?)  out by the pool barbecue

Opening a Kinder Surprise egg that we took out to Phoenix for Sheila

Henry got to open the first egg...

Oh I wonder what that is inside

It looks like...

...yes it is....

A yellow Ferrari!

Lucky Henry!

I think he got the best toy out of all six eggs!

He has a play with it to check how fast it can go

Hmm...slightly undignified look Sheila gave him.

Lynn doesn't look amused either.

Heidi seems to be finding it amusing though.

Sheila opens another surprise

Lee is enjoying herself

Gorgeous smile!

Norvell in conversation

Caught you Sheila!

Susan spending some time with Henry


Saying hello to Granny Peggy, Diane Duke's mum.

Lots of shots ensued...

Lee, Dawn & Emma

More silliness...  I was just following orders as the 'official Granny Peggy photographer!'

Elizabeth and her daughter Beth

Margo & Heidi

I'm not sure what the fascination with the mobile phones was about...

Leigh, Emma, Laura, Dawn, Ginger & Norvell

Lots of discussion going on here.


Monica saying goodbye to Henry on Monday morning

Henry saying goodbye to Monica.

What a truly wonderful time we all had.

My thanks go to all who made the Festival such a special time, it was so lovely to see everyone again, both friends made at previous festivals and also to new friends.  Memories are made of this!

Goodies I came  home with

Souvenir booklet, auction paddle & keyring

Souvenir baby dress

Souvenir dress & boys outfit

Hostess gift Friday night

Hostess gift Saturday

Auction Item won

Gift exchange

Helper item won on left modelled by Sasha & Outfit bought at sales room modelled by Stevie

Two beautiful dresses made by Norvell

Blue on Nancy

Yellow on Monica

Books & blocks bought from the Sales Room

Crocs bought from the Sales Room

Book bought at the Sales Room

Pre-ordered trench coat for Henry..

Gorgeous quilt for the Hitty family bought at the Sales Room

Henry's time in Arizona will be featured on his blog 'Holidays with Henry'


  1. So many Goodbyes and all over again and far too quickly.
    Many thanks for photographing it all so well for us 'stay-at-homers!' Always great to see just what is happening at these 'dos' over the pond and from these details I can imagine myself being there too.
    You and 'Dear' Henry gathered some super momentos to remind you both of another memorable Festival.

    1. It was over far too quickly, it really is amazing how time DOES fly when you are having such fun! So glad you enjoyed all the photos Kendal.

  2. It's quite an amazing thought that in less than 50 weeks, you'll all be back together again!
    I love these photos of people I know by name but have never seen before, especially as they are all natural, unposed ones.
    Don't you love those Little Little Golden Books? My old bear, Trumble has been a collector for quite a while - he is the Sasha Nursery librarian! I had some of the bigger ones sent to me from Canada when I was little, and loved them, but the tiny ones are so much more attractive.
    Norvell's dresses are gorgeous, I do so love the traditional little girl look - maybe my age is showing there?! I'm not a lover of over frilly dresses but that neat, childish look is so endearing. love the baby dress with the burro on it, too.
    As for Henry - well, only he could go all the way to Arizona and come back with his very own Ferrari!

    1. Oh my goodness, if you put it that way Jenni! Actually it is slightly longer as it is in July next year... ;-)

      I LOVE the little Little Golden Books. I have been wanting some of these for a long time, my sister had some when she was young (not this small though) and I really wanted to get some for the 'kids' but hadn't seen any so was delighted when I saw these four and snapped them up quickly.

      Norvell's dresses are indeed gorgeous...I wanted to buy several but she wouldn't let me! lol I think they look so sweet on little girls too.

      Yes, typical Henry, take a load of Kinder eggs over for Sheila and then opening the first one and getting the best surprise! As you say, only he could go to Arizona and come home with a Ferrari...

  3. Great Photo essay Lorraine ,after the festival is always a fun and relaxing day the wined down is down right silly thanks again to Henry and you for getting the Kinder eggs,they were my mission every time I leave the USA for Canada ,silly USA rules what kid would swallow a toy car if they got one??? Now Henry will have to get a treat every time you grocery shop !!(that is if he is a good boy in the store!!)

    1. Oh yes now Henry has discovered Kinder eggs...there could be requests whenever I go shopping....fortunately they actually don't stock them at my regular store.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing all this - great to see!

    1. You are welcome, so glad you have enjoyed the photos.

  5. Thank you for sharing all the fun - I so wish we could have been there too however at least we've had lots of fun with our Sasha's while on our holidays recently. I look at the 'future festivals' page on the Sasha Festival website and wish, then look at the bank account and the house things which still need doing, sigh and accept that I may have to wait a bit longer before the wish of attending a USA Sasha Festival comes true.

    1. So glad you enjoyed all the photos of the fun time we all had. I can certainly recommend the festivals as they really are so very enjoyable.

      I learnt a while ago that some things can wait and sometimes it is better not to put off for later these opportunities... I have seen too many people 'wait until they retire' only to discover that one, or both of them are no longer able to do these things due to illness etc... I lost a very close young friend to cancer (although fortunately she had travelled a fair bit) . I also realised that having Chiari Malformation there may be a time one day that I too am unable to travel, hopefully that will never be the case, but one never knows what is round the we figure that some things can wait. Our house needs a lot of work, it needed a lot when we moved in nearly 15 years ago, but hey Rome wasn't built in a day as they say...we finally have a patio after 8 years without one! One day we will have proper carpet down in our bedroom and wallpaper that isn't ripped and hey we might even have a bathroom without holes in the wall and cracks in the day... :-)

  6. Thank you Lorraine for capturing so many photos of the festival. I really enjoyed seeing them and remembering the great time with Sashas and friends! :) xxx


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