Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - Helper & Auction Items.

There were an amazing selection of Helper items and these were drawn over two days - Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I think the following photos are from both nights...the bags were reused.

There were also a wonderful selection of Auction items donated.

I won one outfit, the delightful Asian print outfit made by Karol Gooch

Which Peggy Sue claimed for herself!  I am not sure she is ever going to take it off as she is STILL wearing it!

Three of the sweaters I knitted and donated are in this selection

The other three I knitted and donated are in this selection.

Henry had his eye on this auction item but sadly we didn't win it

This was another pretty item I had my eye that I didn't win.

Another that we tried to bid on and lost.

This was a fun eskimo outfit made from rabbit skin.

I was delighted Sadie won this auction as she had told me earlier that she really liked the dress I had made and donated.

Doesn't her Cora just look so sweet in this Alice in Wonderland outfit.

The auction was a huge success and the generosity of the donors helped raise an enormous amount for the Children's Charities.  I think it was around the $13,000 mark...

Below is a picture of the Silent Auction items.


  1. Truly wonderful! A feast for sore eyes. (My favourites were the little blue pedal car for the babies and the Tina Gross Sasha owl dress.)
    Such kindness and generosity from the Sasha collectors to the Children in Need and help to kick-start the funding for the next Sasha Festival.
    Many thanks for these super photos. Lovely to see everything that was on offer.
    (So sorry though to hear that you didn't get to win all the outfits that you had your eye on.)

    1. So glad you are enjoying the posts, so many wonderful outfits and helper gifts. I would have liked many of the items and had my eye on a few, but they went to high for my pocket, but that was good in a way as it meant more money raised 'for the children'. I was really pleased with the amount my donations raised as well, so feel glad I made a significant contribution. At least I won one outfit...of which I am really pleased with. I also won one helper outfit as well, so pretty pleased all round.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Loved your contribution to the Peggy Trauger items, and it certainly does look great on Sadie's Cora!


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