Friday, 4 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - Sunday morning.

Sunday morning after breakfast we all met in the Ball Room for the 2nd Helper Drawings, the Raffle, and thanks and goodbye speeches.

Ladies gathered around the table I sat at on the Sunday morning.

Henry, Stevie, Amy, Celeste, Caroline and Norvell's new baby

The babies look like they are interested in each other

Laura W & Ginger

Lee & 

Carol & Tom Beach

Tables gradually gathering.  

Abby & Rebecca

Lee with her lovely boy.

Marti announced that there was one more special surprise for us in the centre Hat boxes....

We were all delighted, especially Henry, when we opened up the little packages inside to find....

This fabulous outfit!

How lucky were we, an outfit for not only baby & Sasha, but also one for the boys as well! 

Henry had it on in no time.

Various announcements were made

Jenny thanks her band of table hostesses

The children draw the helper tickets, helped by Viv and Holly

Marti & Jackie, Co host and Host of the Festival this year.

Jenny receives a thank you gift.

Heidi receives a gift.

Cheryl C receives a thank you gift.

Fran about to give Jackie a big smacker (kiss) on the cheeks for her gift

Marti, Sheila and Jackie hug.

More thank you hugs and kisses.

Jackie & Susanna

Caroline & Jackie

Drawing the raffle tickets.

The winner of the Baby Raffle, shocked and surprised.

This was Caroline K's first Festival so how wonderful that she should win a raffle prize.

Another lucky winner, this time of the boy's raffle was Kim B.

I am sure Kim is going to have a lot of fun with all this!

The winner of the Sedona raffle was Ellen S.

Lots of delightful items to have to pack up and take home!

Congratulations to the three very worthy winners, who I am sure will very much enjoy their prizes.

The children put on a little display.

Going round the room on Sunday morning it was lovely to see so many dolls dressed in new outfits, either won in the auction, bought at the sales, or won as helper gifts.

Cora trying to get Caleb's attention...

Three cute babies in smocked tops.

One of the very much admired auction items on the lucky lady who won it.

Doesn't she look lovely in this super outfit?

The lucky girl who won a silent auction table outfit.

Toddler & baby belonging to Diane D

Well behaved 'kids' belonging to Sadie and Melissa S



Having some Mickey Mouse Fun.

Pretty girls in pretty dresses.

Baby Amelia in her Festival dress

Red heads having fun.

Yup, as I said, having fun!

Peggy Sue saying some goodbyes.

Giving her a hug and a kiss

I think Diane's toddler and baby really liked her.

Very sweet they were.

Henry was over the moon to be given this wonder jacket from Emma F.  

Emma with her lovely red head and Henry (Monica in the background)

Henry saying hello to Annette's delightful portrait Studio Sasha doll Gretchen, whom he greatly admired.

It was hard to get a photo of her, as the light reflected off her shiny face.  But oh what a very special doll and an equally delightful story behind her.  I think I have got this correct (in summary)...Annette wrote to Sasha Morgenthaler when she was a little girl, and Sasha went on to make this portrait studio doll of Annette, complete with Annette's hair.  So a very special doll indeed.  What a treasure!

Henry doesn't care though as he couldn't get enough of her.

He really couldn't take his eyes off her.

I think she is a bit out of your league my dear boy.

He enjoyed her while he could though

Soaking her beauty in.

She looks rather coy about it all...

What's this?  A bit of an attempt at some hand holding?


  1. Oh dear, poor Henry - I think he might be a bit out of his league withsuch a grown up young lady!

    I love the baby on a cradle board that Caroline K won. What a great prize.

    Diane's baby and toddler look quite sad to be saying goodbye to Peggy Sue. Perhaps she will have to go again next year? She seems to be working her way towards a quaification in childare. I could do with her here to lend a hand... my babies, Mum's babies and Ellie's babies require a little crownd control. Just discovered Lars has been wearing the same outfit since he was 'born' and not even a nappy underneath...!

    1. That baby cradle board was wonderful and I put all my raffle tickets in that pot! Mind you that pretty much guarantees I won't win something if I do that.... which is what happened with the bomber which I put over 20 tickets in for that I think it was! lol. It certainly was a great prize.

      Oh yes Peggy Sue was a hit with Diane's babies and she has already suggested she be taken again next year :-) although I haven't let Peggy Sue know that.

  2. So much to see and take in in this post but firstly I'd like to congratulate the three raffle winners.

    Secondly how lovely, but rather sad, for me to see my ex-NP who you here described as 'beautiful.'

    Bought back memories of being feature editor of the Sasha World magazine when I spotted the three little baby boys in Rosemary Shortell's smocked romper pattern that was featured in one of the last of the magazines.

    Henry was lucky to receive that super 'bomber S' jacket from Emma Louise Flood.

    Was that a paper doll sheet that you all received on the table on the last day?

    1. How wonderful to see your doll in amongst this post Kendal, I can assure you she is well loved as Melissa told us :-)

      Yes that was a paper doll sheet on the tables, some were coloured in by the children and some were blank. Such a fun idea. I think quite a few of the adults spent some time colouring in during various lulls in the festival :-)

  3. Lovely lovely LoVELY!! Super pics and so nice to see Kendals old beautiful girl again too! Thank you Lorraine xx


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