Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - Saturday Lunch & Sales Tables

 Views from our room early Saturday morning...


Gorgeous view, this is what the sky looked like every day.

Lovely swimming pool which was very popular during the day and in the evening.

A little sparrow in the tree.

View of the mountains.

Golf course...the golfers were out bright and early every morning.

Saturday we had the group lunch and again the centre piece of each table presented a lovely silent auction item which you could bid on.  (You could bid on any item on any table)

This was the outfit on the centre of our table.  A fun leotard and yoga mat etc...

Lovely ladies at the table I sat at.

Going round the tables...

Centre outfit.

Equipped for showers with her umbrella - perhaps this outfit was headed for the UK!

Something a little bit different and fun.  The work that went into these auction items was incredible.

So cute with matching teddy!

Sheila's 'Dress a Sasha Competition' outfit was the auction outfit on this table.

Another great outfit...

Every outfit was so different and unique.

I think my lens started misbehaving around this point and it seems I missed taking a picture of the centre piece on this table.

Another 'Dress A Sasha Competition' outfit was the centre piece auction outfit, this time the one by Lynne

Moving back to our table...

Stevie was pleased to come down to join the girls.

The hostess gifts were little bag pin cushions.

The fabulous Festival outfits were ooh and aah over as you can well imagine when we opened them up and found these inside - specially printed fabric for the festival, they were absolutely delightful, complete with stockings, headscarf and boots

Stevie was thrilled to be the first to model the outfit.

Other girls at our table soon donned their outfits as well.

Love this girl, doesn't she look good?

It was lovely to see a couple of Sasha girls wearing dresses I had made and sold last year.

More girls at our table - a lovely line up of beauties.

After lunch it was lovely to see some 'girls' playing with their dolls.

What fun they were having.

What it should be all about.

In the evening we set up for the Sales.  There were many sales tables and I didn't get time to get round them all to take photos, but took a few as people were setting up.

My table.  I was pleased to sell enough to have some spending money and to pay for the festival fees next year.

The lovely Laura and her grandmother 

Sheila setting up her stands.

Diane Duke

Monica helping Cassandra

Dawn with her sales table and Susan having a look to see what was on offer.

Jackie's table of delightful dolls, of which this is the closest I got to!  I was remarkably restrained and didn't look at any dolls for sale.

Delightful Boo with the dress she bought from me last year.  Her Sasha sure looks pretty.

Later that evening....

This was how we left them....

This is what we woke up to!


  1. Another great interesting post! I just love seeing the sales tables. This has to be one of my favourite parts of the Festival.
    Pleased to hear that you sold so much and so had some extra spending money especially to buy 'Dear' Henry his new Sashapotamus Trench coat (and an new outfit for Stevie?)

    Loved the idea of the silent auction for the centre table outfits. (I would have particularly liked to have won Sheila's entry followed closely by the sparkly silver and pink dress, the yoga outfit and the black and white diamond dress.)

    Do you know if Cindy Patrick had a sales table? Not too sure if I could have resisted having a good look at Jackie K's dolls for sale though.

    1. It was fun, but very busy and I didn't really get a chance to leave my table once the doors opened up...which was probably good for my pockets! Henry's trench coat had been 'pre-ordered' and he had fun trying on several to get the one that was 'just right for him' as he informed me... Yes Stevie also got a new outfit - she just loves purple so it was perfect for her.

      I am pretty sure Cindy had a sales table. I also passed on your regards to her :-)

      The centre table outfits were delightful, it is just a shame the lighting wasn't the best for photograph taking.

  2. Wow! So much to see and do. I think i'd have been dizzy by the end of the day!
    Lucky Henry and Stevie to be able to take part. I assume our Peggy Sue was up in your room, baby-sitting?
    Can you remember anything about the Sasha modelling the yoga outfit? She looks a little like a later Gotz but has look from most Sashas too.
    Sooo- you are prepaid for next year?! Grab an early-bird air fare soon. I'm guessing your girls are clammering to be the lucky traveller already! Henry is a dead cert. It's in Texas and he just has to go in his cowboy outfit. Wonder if Peggy Sue will be quite so keen to go again?
    Glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Jenni xx

    1. It certainly was a full on day! I was very sore with a bad head at the end of the day, remedied by a soak in a nice warm bath (which seems strange as it is so hot in Phoenix) suggested by my dear friend Norvell, and it worked, I woke feeling much better in the morning.

      Can't book airfares yet - too far in advance and don't have the funds for those yet! But still part the way there ;-) Gives me a good goal to save for.

      Oh yes Henry will definitely be going in his wonderful Cowboy outfit :-)

      Thanks Jenni, I really did have a truly wonderful time indeed.

    2. Not sure who the Sasha is modelling the yoga outfit...I am thinking she was one of the newer Gotz dolls...but maybe a re-root? I really can't remember, sorry.

  3. Jackie & Marti's "modern girl" theme was such a creative idea. So many whimsical and unusual outfits and ideas -- really so different from any other festival! It's amazing how the festival coordinators never seem to run out of ideas. I love your pictures - it's almost as good as being there, though causes me to miss everyone. Glad for facebook & the blogs. I adore that blue outfit Peggy Sue is wearing! It's absolutely gorgeous and unique. How funny you awoke to a bit of a barny! Kids will be kids, eh? :-)

    1. It really was such a good idea, opened up so many possibilities for creative output. Was so sorry you were unable to attend, you were definitely missed by me! Yes it was funny waking up to the 'naughtiness'

  4. Hi Lorraine,
    Thank you sooo much for the wonderful pics of the Festival. It really brings it to those of us who didn't get to go.
    Loving the sales tables and would love to have been there for a rummage around them.
    Henry looked wonderful in his Beatles outfit and congratulations on his win xx
    Looking forward to any more pics you have to post and many thanks again for all the pics over the last week.
    I sit down with a cuppa and they take me miles away ;-))
    Susan xxx

    1. Hi Susan, so glad you have been enjoying the photos, it makes it all worth while editing and posting them when I know people are getting pleasure from viewing them. Thank you :-)

  5. Great photos Lorraine! It is already a happy reminder of the events. Such a great time :) xx

    1. Thank you Ginger, a really good reminder!


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