Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Catch Up Post - Sewing, London, Gifts.

We've been without phone and internet access for the last few days - a bit like going cold turkey!  So I have been pretty incommunicado, especially as I don't have a mobile phone anymore either.  Fortunately all restored about an hour and half ago.

One thing you notice without either of these things is how much more productive you are!  Or at least I am!

Henry has a visitor arrived for a fortnight holiday with him.  You can read about it here.

I have been busy sewing the girls their Christmas dresses - all done now.  I will be working out who gets to wear what soon.  I wonder if you can guess which dress will be worn by which girl?

The Christmas dresses recently made, including some made last year, plus three others not shown in the photo.  The red corduroy, green corduroy and a black velvet and red silk dress.

I have made the boys Christmas waistcoats, which I finished today while waiting for the BT Engineer to come out.

Again I wonder if you can guess who will be wearing which waistcoat?

Preparing for the Monday Sasha Meet Up in London, I took photos of the overalls/dungarees I made for Gayle.

Sasha kindly modelled them for me.

Gayle saw a similar pair worn by Pinny at the Sasha Festival
(Pinny had a Holiday with Henry) in June/July of this year.

Sunday I made three waistcoats to give as gifts for the Sasha Meet Up in London on Monday.  

Francis got to model the waistcoats for me.

We had a fabulous day yesterday with Gayle, Dawn, Catherine and Rosie.  Lots of Sasha talk and fun and more talk!

The kids enjoyed catching up.  From left to right we have Gayles Gotz girl in green and her toddler, chatting to Rosie's gorgeous blonde lass in the blue culottes.  Henry is catching up with Charlotte, hearing all about her new home with Gayle as well as the adventures she has been on.  Dawn's lovely girl in her new coat and hat is listening on.

Seems like a lot of talk going on with these six just like the grown ups!

Henry is glad Charlotte likes her new home.  Charlotte is thrilled that she was able to meet up with Henry again after saying goodbye to him in July at the Sasha Festival in Cincinnati 

Lot's of serious girlie going on.

Very serious discussions going on here as well.

Four of us.  (Hopefully Gayle can forward me the photo with Rosie in as well so I can add it to this blog post).

Thank you ladies for a lovely day, it was such fun meeting up with you all and catching up with everything Sasha.

I also want to say a big thank you to a very special friend I have made who actually doesn't have a Sasha yet (although not for much longer!) who asked if she could make a pinafore for one of my girls.  As I couldn't take part in the swap due to not enough partners for me, I was absolutely delighted with this offer, and even more delighted when a little parcel arrived the other day and I found this most delightful pinafore inside.

Isn't this just the sweetest little pinafore.  Sasha is showing Henry, although I am not really sure what Henry thinks of it.  Oh he says it is pretty neat as it has squirrels and acorns on it.

Yes indeed it meets all our approval and delight, we simply love it and thank our dear friend very much for it indeed.

Lastly I want to show the fabulous little Dolly Doodles set that Kendal so very kindly sent for one of the toddler boys...Ollie was the lucky one to claim it, so poor Claudius (although fortunately he doesn't know yet) is still in his original outfit!

Well Ollie, you look very smart in your tractor hoodie and cord trousers.  Henry says to Ollie.

You look like a big boy!

Does that mean I can do big boys stuff?  Ollie asks Henry

Well....not all the time.   Henry replies.  It depends....

Thank You Aunty Kendal for this lovely little set for Ollie.  He is delighted and looks very smart as you can see.


  1. Oh Wow - They All Look so Amazing! You have Amazing sewing skills, and such sweet friends in the picture and for sending you the lovely pinafore! Oh Those Knits are lovely, now you have me wondering if there are patterns anywhere for those, I bet that size might fit Birdie! Love Love Love all the Beautiful pics! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. Lorraine, perfect timing. I was just wondering if you were alright this morning as it had been awhile since you posted. Looks like things are quite well and busy in your Sasha world. Maybe I need to lose internet forna week or so?

  3. What a bumper post, full of goodies. I like the photos of your London gathering, fun to see Charlotte back in England again for a brief visit, looks like she brought the right clothes from her extensive wardrobe. Your Christmas dresses and waistcoats look brilliant, are you making any to sell. And your gifts you've received are lovely too.

  4. What an interesting post, so much to see and read that it's hard to know just where to begin with the comment.

    I'm appyling the saying 'It's looking a lot like Christmas' to the lovely Christmass Sasha dresses and attractive Gregor waistcoats that are happening over there in your house.
    Need to start to get organised here with the necessary, although non-Sasha,preparations first, or else it will turn out, as usual, to be that last mad rush at the end!.

    So pleased that you finally got to take part in your Pinafore swap. How kind and thoughtful of that 'non Sasha collector!'

    The London Sasha gathering looked great. Great that you and Henry could go. He certainly looked as though he was enjoying himself surrounded by all those gorgeous Sasha girls! (I'm presuming that it will be Charlotte Elisabeth who will be spending the next two weeks with Henry until she has to return back to the US?)

    Can't imagine my life without the phone or internet, even fior a couple of days, although as you say there would be so much more time to catch up on those jobs that desperately need doing.....and there's plenty of those waiting here.

    (Afraid that I can't be of much help when it comes to choosing which Sasha/Gregor gets to wear what as I'd need the clothing and dolls laid out to help me hopefully get the right combinations. Have enought difficulty here on these occasions and I like to think that I know my dolls and their likes and dislikes quite well now. Good luck with this!)

  5. I was missing your posts, but I see you were very productive with your internet loss. There are so many Holiday dresses and waistcoats - it will be difficult for you to chose who gets what, although I have a few that I like - the dark and dramatic ones!

    The overalls over the pullover are darling - I like the roomy fit, so that she can run and jump and play. I'm sure Gayle will love that print too.

    How wonderful to have a Sasha friends get-together - please do show more pictures of that - I love getting to "know" the Sasha mums.

  6. My goodness you've been busy! I'm afraid that here it will be a last minute rush and none of my dolls will be dressed remotely Christmassy, they're lucky that they have warmer clothes....so they'd better no complain that I've not made them Christmas outfits!! LOL
    I wouldn't have a clue on who should wear what but think with Henry's dark hair, one of the red waistcoats would probably be nice on him. I think the brunettes look good in red!
    There is a girl talking to some other girls in the photos above, wearing the cutest outfit, looks like a very Nordic look to me, greens and browns with fairisle and little pixie boots....love it, wonder who she is and where she shops!!!!

  7. I'm going to cheat and try to reply to each comment and answer various questions in the one reply! Thank you for your lovely kind comments TiGGy, so glad you enjoyed this post. Ah Julie, yes it is surprising loosing the internet proves very productive indeed! I haven't planned on making any Christmas dresses to sell this year Anna, although do have an order for three...whether I make any more, or whether I am all Christmassed out will be the question! Kendal, so glad you enjoyed this very full and busy post! No Charlotte isn't Henry's current visitor. I already know most of who will be wearing what dress. It is fun, I haven't decided all though yet. Thanks Janet, the dark and dramatic ones certainly are something aren't they? I already know who will be wearing those. Sharon, yes I have been rather busy of late - a very productive time. Amazing what you can achieve with no internet! I love that Nordic style outfit as well, isn't it fabulous.

  8. Hi Lorraine!!! Nice to catch up on your blogs - and this is a real bumper. Such a lot to see and wonder at! To paraphrase the others: YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love those waistcoats. They are gorgeous! I am glad you had a great day with Gayle and the others. Have been hearing a lot about that meeting from Gillian. Great photos and you all look very cheerful! Love, Karin


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