Sunday, 3 March 2013

Rory & Little Ginger George

Hello young man, you must be Little Ginger George.  Rory says to little George

What?  You'd like to try and stand?  Okay then grab my hands.

Look at you, aren't you the clever little boy?!

Hey George, I don't think you are allowed out here yet, the grass is still really damp.

George!  You must come back!

Rory starts to panic as he races over to little Ginger George, fearing his new trousers my get ripped!

Georgie!  Rory shouts!

Little George turns slightly with a twinkle in his eye...he has an idea....

As Rory bends over to pick George up, George leaps on top of Rory, knocking him over.

Oh you little scallywag Georgie...  Rory giggles along with Little Ginger George.

Hmmm...butter wouldn't melt in his mouth looking at this photo!

Edited to add this photo which I forgot to add yesterday...

Who is the bigger monkey I wonder?


  1. Oh my! Ginger is the perfect little brother for Rory! Looks like Rory will have his hands full...

  2. In your last post I thought....'How lovely for Rory to have a little brother!' Now having seen that he looks like he's going to be another Quirky, I'm not so sure it will be that 'lovely' for Rory when he's up to tricks like these!
    Particularly love the trying to stand up poses.

    1. Oh I don't think there could ever be another Quirky! Well as you have probably guessed by now, Quirky is my most favourite of all your brood, and if ever he gets too much for you, then I certainly have experience now of 'problem' boys! LOL And actually thinking about it recently I don't think I'm doing too badly at it after all!

  3. Awwww what a lovely set of photos! I love the two redheads together, they look so cute!
    But yes, I think Rory is going to have his hands full keeping an eye on this little fellow!


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