Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day, Happy Birthday!

Not only is it St Patrick's day today, but our very own Patrick turned 15 years old today.

Sasha and Peter wish 'Patrick' a very happy birthday and a very happy St Paddy's day.

Peter loves lying his head on Patrick's thick fur.

They both give him cuddles before their 'official'  birthday photograph.

Happy Birthday and Happy St Patrick's Day.

Our real live Patrick, renamed Shadow!  Happy Birthday - 15 years old today!


  1. Aw! This is a lovely post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all three of them - and plush Patrick, if it's his big day too!

    1. Thank you Jenni, is so lovely to get encouraging comments.

      Yes 'Plush Patrick' has his birthday on this day as well...I can't remember when he arrived whether it was before Shadow or just afterwards!

  2. Happy birthday wishes to Patrick/Shadow and a happy St Patrick's Day to all wearing the 'green.'

    Looks like you had much more snow there than we did today (if that photo was taken today!) We only had a smattering of snow overnight which remained with us for a little while this morning but then enjoyed a lovely bright sunny day for the rest of it... but snow is still forecasted for us up here for later on this week. When will it end?

    Hope that you are feeling much better.

    1. Oh no, sorry Kendal, we had no snow yesterday, only rain. That picture was taken earlier in the year. I sure hope this horrible weather ends soon.

      Still feeling awful, only up as DS2 has school soon and then I have an appointment I can't get out of, then it will probably be back to bed. Hubby is going to take me.

  3. Such an amazing trio of friends! Love the green outfits...

  4. Lovely photos Lorraine, and a belated Happy St Patricks day to you too!
    I love the minty green and white outfits of your two pretty blond kids.....and Shadow is a handsome beastie too!
    Hugs Sharon x


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