Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grocery shopping and the Exploits of Little Ginger George

Henry and Emily want to go and get some shopping to help Mum out.  They are such a helpful pair.

Where do you think the trolley is Henry?  Emily asks.

I'm not sure.  Henry replies.  I think I heard Rory muttering something about a trolley earlier.

Oh yes, there it is over there!  Looks like Rory is giving Little Ginger George a ride.

The trolley is loaded up with Georgie, a monkey and of course Kermit.  

Wheeee!  Cries Georgie

Emily and Henry quickly catch up with Rory and Georgie.

What are you doing Rory?  Henry asks.

Trying to keep Georgie out of trouble.  Rory replies.  You'd never guess what he got up to yesterday!

What did you get up to yesterday Georgie?  Emily asks with a rather stern look on her face.

Little Ginger George just giggles.  

Although not for long as it turns out as Emily whisks him out of the trolley along with Monkey and Kermit.

Come on Henry, she says, lets go and get the shopping now.

Henry and Emily walk off leaving behind poor Rory....

Who does seem to have his hands full with Little Ginger George who is now on the ground wailing, waving and kicking his feet around.  Poor Rory, I don't think he quite realised what this 'little brother' of his would be like!

Later on...

Do you think we got everything?  Emily asks Henry.

Emily checks the trolley...

Looks like it. Lets go and put the stuff away and then we can go and play in the sunshine.  She says to Henry

Henry and Emily make a good team as they put things away.

Once everything is put away nicely they go out to enjoy the rest of the afternoon sunshine.

Now just WHAT did Little Ginger George get up too yesterday I wonder?

Hmmm...no wonder Rory was trying to keep him out of trouble today....I am sure he was not at all popular yesterday!


  1. Just adorable with a funny ending! Thanks so much for sharing this darling story! Wonderful.

  2. LOL! Too cute! made me smile. :o)

  3. I can see little Ginger George being a handful, Rory certainly has his work cut out for him.

    1. So can I! Think I'm going to be feeling sorry for Rory.

  4. This is very cute, you have such nice props as well as lovely dolls Lorraine!
    I think Rory might rue the day that little Georgie porgie entered his life!!!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. I think Rory will indeed Sharon! I've been collecting my props over a period of time. I bought the sink unit and fridge early last year, but this is the first time I have used it. Ideally I'd like to set up a 'room' for them, but not to be at this stage. I received a lovely box of grocery goodies from a friend today, so what do with them, but play of course! ;-)

  5. Be careful, little Georgie. Our kitten got into the habit of rolling all the knitting yarn into a huge muddle. She's very quiet and sorry for herself at the moment as she was whisked off to the vet for surgery.... you just never know, Georgie, if your Mum is as fond of knitting as I am, you just never know what might happen!

  6. Such a wonderful blog, Lorraine! Emily and Henry look extremely busy and ever so competent! Maybe I should have asked them to do my shopping rather than my husband (couldn't leave the house for 10 days), they would have done a much better job! I love Emely's dress. So Spring-like and pretty! And Georgie - what a (naughty) darling! But babies will get up to stuff they shouldn't! Just love it, Lorraine.xxx Karin

    1. Thank you Karin, so glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  7. He he little Georgie made me laugh!
    What busy kids you have.
    Who was doing the ironing? Could you send them to do mine when they've finished?

    1. That was Peggy Sue my little Schoenhut Miss Dolly. She was actually hanging out some washing...she did the ironing later. ;-)

  8. Fantastic blog, Lorraine! Loved every bit of it...

  9. Great post.Pleased to see some of your Sasha Dolls helping you out today rather than being a hindrance.
    Felt quite sorry for Rory with little Georgie being tipped out of the trolley. They didn't deserve such treatment as Rory was helping you by keeping baby Georgie under control.

    Super props and accessories included. I'm afraid that I have become somewhat lazy these days about using mine. Perhaps if I were to gather them altogether into one place I might be more inclined but at the moment they are scattered here, there and everywhere and there's never enough time to look for them before taking the shoot.

    1. Unfortunately Emily, just acted on impulse! Still I'm fairly sure baby Georgie didn't give Rory too much trouble in the end. ;-)

      That is the problem when they are in various different places. Sometimes it takes me an age to remember where I have stored various props.


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