Saturday, 16 March 2013

Going back in time!

Because I am still not really up to much, battling nausea and head buzzing and spending most of my time in bed I thought I would revisit some old posts from my Balancing Kiwi blog.    Here is part of one from Tuesday 19th April 2011...could our weather really be this good in only just over a months time?  I so hope so!  It was just after Sasha and I cam back home from visiting my parents in New Zealand.  to read more of the post you can find it here.  It is reminded me of how sadly the front garden has been neglected the last couple of years and makes me really want to get back out there and do something about it.  Please I want to feel well again!  I have so missed not seeing my parents this year as well. 


Tuesday in the Garden

What an absolutely gorgeous stunner of a day it has been today. Glorious sun all day, just perfect weather for spending outdoors. I was up with the birds this morning - out gardening soon after.

The girls have been enjoying the nice weather.
Now don't forget to share the skipping rope!


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly, I really hope the weather will pick up soon and lift your spirits.

    1. Thanks Rosalind. I think I might have the 'flu actually as it seems to be continuing without any let up yet and I can only cope with about 1/2 - 1 hour upright at a time.

  2. Always nice to look back at what was happening in past year/s. Guess that we're all hoping for weather like this to be arriving asap.

    Unfortunately in my case when I look back a few years ago I can see the mistakes in my photography...especially with my posing of the dolls which now looks like I just used to pick them up, plonk them down, snap, pick up again and put back in their original place.
    (Don't know why I am bothering keeping them.)

    Though the dolls that I have now and the way I dress them both show an improvement....more than I can say for my front and back gardens which aren't anywhere near as neat and tidy as they used to be due to the over-growing of the shrubs etc. without any form of check pruning.

    Hope that you'll soon be feeling much better.

    1. It is fun to go back and look at older photos and I also think it is good if we can see our photography has improved. Certainly I have seen an improvement in mine. Sasha and Gregor aren't as easy to pose and get right as people think and a lot of difference can be made in how you position both them and yourself when taking photos.

      Keep your old photos I think you would regret it if you didn't have them.

      Yes it was a bit of a shock to me reading through the rest of that post on my other blog to see just how neat our front garden looked....definitely doesn't look anywhere near that good now! It needs a jolly good overhaul.

      I do as well Kendal. I definitely do not do sick/nausea well at all. Thinking it might actually be influenza after all as can only cope with being up for about an hour maximum at a time.

  3. such simple little dresses, but so pretty never the less...I do hope you are feeling better soon, Kirsten


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