Sunday, 10 March 2013

A letter to Rory...

Rory was over the moon to get an email and photos for Ursula, Erica and Greg today and was so excited he wanted to share it with everyone else.

Dear Rory

We have been trying to get a photo of the frogs for you.

Last Saturday we thought we would go to the pond to look. As we arrived we could see there was someone else already there.

'Hey Greg what are you doing?'

'Erica keep your voice down, if you want to see the frogs you need to stand still and be quiet. If you move about they will see you and think you're a big bird come to eat them'

'Big bird??? What's he talking about?'

'Lets just look and see if we can spot them'

We looked and looked but all we could see was frog spawn.

Maybe Greg was right!?

Eventually we had to give up but Greg didn't come back to the house with us. In fact we didn't see him until much later when he came running into the house shouting
'Quick, put the plug in the bath'
Can you believe it, he had caught a frog.

'I know how much Rory was looking forward to seeing our frog so I thought this was the only way to photograph one!'

So Rory there's your photo as promised. You'll be glad to know that we didn't keep it there long and it's now safely back with the others in the pond.

Love from

Ursula, Erica and Greg

Thank you so much Ursula, Erica and Greg for your lovely email and photos.  Rory is thrilled and will be replying soon.


  1. The inclusion of Big Bird was a master stroke. great story, I am sure Rory is delighted.

  2. I used to love the Frogspawn days when I was young. Fascinating biology....right before your very eyes.
    Bet that Rory is delighted....although I can't say the same for me as I have to admit that I don't like Frogs!
    Loved the way the stones were piled up to allow the pond wildlife to get in and out easily. A sign of some good wildlife nature lovers living there.

  3. Ooooh a handsome beastie and a good story!
    Hugs Sharon x


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