Saturday, 30 March 2013

Molly thought it was warm outside.

Molly saw the sun shining today and thought it would be warm....after all it is almost the end of March!  

She donned this pretty little dress that was received in the first Sasha Swap I took part in

I don't think she stayed out there long before she hurried back in with Rufus.

I've also updated my 'Other Dolls for Sale' page.  You never know you might be interested in offering someone a new home ;-)


  1. pretty shoes too! I've never seen any like that before, do they have flowers on them? So "little girl"...yes, we're hoping for it to warm up here too, on the other side of the Atlantic. Two Sashas are airing out on the deck- I do think they are cold!


    1. Hi Kirsten, yes they do. They can be found here:

  2. What a pretty dress, I do really like this colour, fabric and pattern. I bought some aqua fabric the other day but so far haven't done anything with it. Maybe tomorrow!
    And I love your brunette Sasha. I really would like to have a brunette girl one of these days!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain x


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