Sunday, 10 May 2015

Molly Sweet Molly

Today I thought I'd write about another of my Sashas who joined me in 2011.

This Sasha is a brunette from around the early seventies... she was described as such and this is her Ebay description.

This little Sasha Waif needs a little love and care :) She is an early  1970/71 waif
She has her original white stringing in her legs and can stand unaided. She has had her stringing in her arms replaced  as you can see in the photos she can raise her arms above her head and they stay there!
She has a clean body, no chewed limbs,  she has  a few marks and scuffs from playwear as she has been somebody's little  companion many years ago :)
All her face paint has oxidised, so you could either love her as she is or she would be an ideal candidate for a repaint.
She has lovely dark uncut hair it is nice and soft and stable... but like many early brunette dolls one or two hairs are lost when her hair is more than a good real hair wig would lose.
She comes dressed in a red knitted snowman jumper, hat and matching mittens and a pair of black linen trousers from Betsy May and ribbed socks.
She needs a little understanding to blossom again. She is not  mint, she is not perfect but she certainly has character :)
Any questions please ask before bidding as all sales are final and she is sold as is, I do not accept returns.

This was her Ebay photo.  Her little face called out to me and whilst she was described as a waif because of the various scuffs and marks, to me she was just perfect!  The best thing of all is she has gorgeous non-falling hair.

This is her 'arrival' photograph.

She became 'Molly' straight away named after a friend's lovely daughter.  Molly arrived in February 2011.

I promptly set to making her some new clothes and it was fun going back to see what I made her!

I think I ran out of wool by the time I got to Peter's hat (Peter has long since left) as it is rather small!

Molly gets a lovely sweater made by Gill if I remember rightly.

In the summer she enjoyed skipping in the garden with Sasha.  This photo features on my sidebar.

By 2012 my Sashas had rather increased - here is Molly with some of her brunette sisters,three of which still live her and three have long since left.

Experimenting with some more sewing.

These photos may be remembered by some from the outing we had during the 2012 Sasha Festival in Stratford Upon Avon.  Molly and Emily enjoyed a game of hop scotch.

Valentines Day - Rory is rather sweet on Molly and gives her a card

She gives him a little kiss.

(Here you can see her gorgeous hair)

She is wearing a little frog brooch Rory gave her.

Taking a trip down memory lane also shows how my photographing the dolls has improved.

This pretty dress was received in the first Sasha Swap I took part in.

Another little dress I made.

As you can see Molly still had her green eyes here.

Later on I decided to try painting them back to nearer their original colour...I kind of wish I had left them green as actually they looked quite nice.

Wearing a dress I made for the winter/Christmas season.

Last year Molly enjoyed dressing up as Laura Ingalls for a fun day we had with DollMum

Molly models a cardigan and cap I made for a friend.

This is the winter dress Molly was dressed in today...she was very pleased to be changing out of it as it was quite warm today.

She is wearing her special necklace that I bought in Arizona last year.

Molly chose a lovely smocked dress by Karen to wear today.

She looks so pretty in it.

The dress is beautiful.  Karen is another very talented smocker.

Molly is another of my most favourite girls.


  1. Molly is a beautiful girl and I really enjoyed seeing her over the years in the different outfits. Her hair braids nicely too. Very lovely to have a brunette with stable hair! I can see why she is a favorite and why Rory is sweet on her! Thank you for a great post!

    1. I just love Molly as you can tell from the post - she is just so sweet all of the time. Glad you enjoyed the post Ginger.

  2. Molly is such a sweet girl. I've always liked the pictures of Molly and Emily in their school outfits. You did a fabulous job on her eye repaint. I think I prefer her now.

    1. Thank you Julie, I was unsure about whether I had 'messed up' her eyes so it is encouraging to know that they are liked now.

  3. How we all love the brunette girls so it's great to find that her hair is stable and non falling, as so many are.

    I think that's it's lovely to look back at our older photos to see how we posed and dressed them over the years and I agree with you that our photography definitely improves with practice. Not sure just why I keep most of my earlier attempts they are so stiff and 'un-posed' but it's great to see how our choice of clothing changes over the years as more and more seamstresses join the Sasha world.

    I like her best in her school pinafore and in the two turquiose dresses (your first swap item and your one below) as I think that this colour looks so fresh on her with her dark hair. Like Julie, I too prefer her with her 'now enhanced 'eyes.

    It was good seeing the Sasha UK Festival hopscotch photos as it brought back some lovely memories of that very special weekend.

    1. Yes that weekend was very special and we had such fun setting up the hopscotch etc...

      Isn't it interesting going back and looking at our old photos etc...lovely to see the progress and changes.

  4. When I was about 5, the girl next door showed me her new Sasha doll and her brother's Gregor doll, both brunette. I thought they were the most beautiful dolls I'd ever seen.The only thing we were told is that they came from Switzerland so I was unable to have one. But that was it, the seed had been planted. She was just like this beauty Molly.

    1. Shame you weren't able to have one, guessing you do now! They are such beautiful dolls and I think Molly is such a love.


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