Friday, 8 May 2015


Another Sasha who has been with me since 2011 is Cora.  She arrived I believe around 8th May 2011 and she came from Lauri in the USA.  I feel very lucky to have her and will always be grateful I was able to purchase her - she is extra special as I have since met Lauri and her wonderful family.

Cora arrived in her pink striped dress with long socks and shoes.

Looking back through the years I have chosen some photos of her.

Here she is wearing a dress made by Margaret - photo taken in May 2011

A dress I made for her.

I think this colour really suits her well, and it is one of her favourite dresses.


Wearing a pretty smocked dress by Kath

Wearing her New Zealand 'Pukeko' dress made by myself.

Cora wearing another dress I made a few years ago.

Love it with her JJ sandals.

Cora looks great in bright colours - here she is modelling a tunic dress I knitted late last year.

When I went to get Cora this morning she was wearing this dress I had made at some stage.

She was looking forward to changing out of it..

She chose the pretty smocked dress she wore a couple of years ago and this time teamed it with green JJ shoes.  A bit of a photo overload, but was experimenting with both my camera and my husbands, and hey she is a great subject to photograph!

I am so pleased I was able to give this girl a home four years ago.  She is very special.


  1. She is lovely Lorraine and such a wardrobe! My favourite has to be the Pukeko dress, those bright colours look so good on her

  2. Lovely girl, she looks particularly striking in the Pukeko dress and 2012 knits. Vivienne

    1. I quite agree Vivienne. I especially like the Pukeko dress on her.

  3. Cora looks lovely! Clearly she is very very happy she was adopted by you, too! :-)

    1. Aw, thank you Lauri :-) She is a treasure.

  4. Great photos of your Cora. Far better than I've ever been able to take.....hence the rapid away movements of my black dolls due to the frustration of not being able to capture them sufficiently well on camera.

    Particularly love her hair and style. The perfect length and curl.

    I like her the very best in the mulitcoloured knitted tunic dress!

    BTW Which photos were taken with your camera in comparision to those with yoir husband's?

    1. Thank you Kendal. She does have lovely hair doesn't she and I think she is very photogenic. That dress looked great on her - she wasn't very pleased to have to give it up as she was just modelling it!

      The last two photos were taken with my husband's camera - it is a lot lighter than mine, but not a DSR.

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  6. A beautiful post of your beautiful Cora! It is always extra special to know the person that previously owned your Sashas--a nice piece of doll history to have plus the friendship between the Moms. :). I really enjoy the many photos and found myself saying that each photo was her best color or best outfit. Finally, it became clear that she looks gorgeous in every outfit and color!!! I will say that my particular favorite color for her is orange. :). Lastly, I love her touseled hair style with full, lush and loose curls. What a jewel she is! :) xxx

    1. It is extra special to know where they have come from and I always love to know their history if at all possible. She is a beauty who yes, does look good in the bright colours.


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