Thursday, 27 November 2014

Red for Ziva

The girls were starting to complain that I kept knitting for other people and not for them, so the next dress I made I said they could have.

As Ziva looks so good in red, it seemed only natural that she should get to wear it first.

I think this girl is just stunning so it is a bit of 'photo' overload.

The dress contrasts nicely with the black of her hair.

Doesn't she just look the 'trendy' girl with the tights I made her and her matching red boots.

I am happy to take orders for these dresses.


  1. Brunette girls look so good in red, don't they, and your Ziva looks stunning in that ensemble xxx

  2. Ziva looks fantastic in her new outfit. Loving the grey/black/red chequered tights separating the two blocks of 'red'...... though can't see her letting anyone else have a try on, never mind an actual wear.

    1. Thank you :-) I can't see her letting anyone else have a try on either Kendal! She is a strong willed girl who knows her own mind....


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