Monday, 17 November 2014


Back in 2012 I made the first of the 'Diamond's are Forever' sweater dress designed by Jacknitss (Jacqueline Gibb) on Ravelry.  I  have knitted several of them over the last couple of years.  My most recent are shown below.  

I think Sasha looks fabulous in this  - someone said she reminds them of the blonde in Abba! I think they are right.

I have been asked to knit some for others and a couple I have recently finished are shown below.

Red on a brunette - looks great with or without leggings.

Love the purple on a redhead!  Modelled by BJ

Same dress shown on a blonde - modelled by Stevie

The light is so bad at the moment it is difficult to capture the true colour...I tried altering the white balance and saturation, but all I succeeded in doing was making poor Stevie look washed out!

Another dress is currently on the needles....


  1. Hi Lorraine! I love your knitting and these bright and pretty sweater dresses are wonderful! I love the purple dress on your redheaded girl and, with her wearing the dotted tights and warm boots, she looks very smart indeed! Stevie is so pretty and photogenic and your Abba Sasha is gorgeous too, wonderful eyes! Thank you for sharing these lovely sweater dresses! :) xxx

    1. Hi Ginger, thank you :-) I especially love the purple dress and wished I was keeping it! So glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. I love this pattern too and my girls have one in grey which they wear with two toned grey stripped tights. They also have a little beanie styled pull on hat that goes nicely with it.
    Great too to see it hear knitted in a variety of bright colours.


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