Saturday, 22 November 2014

Preparing for Peggy Sue's Birthday Party

Emily, Sasha and Stevie have donned their aprons in order to prepare for Peggy Sue's birthday tomorrow.

They are discussing what to make.

Stevie looks in the fridge to see if they have milk for the baking.

Emily turns on the oven and Sasha prepares the mixer.

They have decided little cakes always go down well.

Stevie passes Sasha the milk while Emily waits for the cake mixture to be made.

Emily pops the cakes in the oven.

She is wearing her oven gloves so she doesn't burn herself.

They chat while the cakes are cooking..

Some time later they are ready to be taken out of the oven.

Emily carefully places the tray on the table.

The cakes look wonderful!

Some rather animated discussion between the girls over what else they need to do to prepare for the party.

Various party games are suggested.

As well as other types of snacks and drinks that might be needed.

They leave the cakes to cool and decide to go to the other room so they can make some lists.

Sasha leads the way ....   she is on a mission....


  1. What a great reminder - I have just arrived back from Washington DC so we'll do something to help celebrate Peggy Sue's birthday tomoorow.

    1. Wonderful, hope you had a good time - will email you! Peggy Sue is looking forward to 'seeing' your girls and boys!

  2. Super kitchen 'white goods' furniture, cooking untensils and props etc which all make to give this wonderful 'busy in the kitchen' preparing for a birthday party scene.

    1. They are great props - a little large, but do the trick and actually probably not too out of proportion considering that they are children cooking... ;-)

  3. I love your kitchen activities and the sweet girls working to celebrate Peggy Sue's special day! Emily really knows her way around the kitchen! Well done! :) xxx

    1. Yes Emily is a star in the kitchen - she has had a bit of practice now"

  4. Very cute, they made me smile - was their baking a success.
    Rosie S.


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