Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Birthday Party Time! - Who Attended - Part One.

Peggy Sue had such a lovely party and had so many wonderful guests 'attend'.   There was much excitement and merriment and she wanted to share some photos of the various guests who attended with many thanks to those who allowed us to use their photographs. It was a truly international gathering with guests from far and wide attending.

First to arrive were Kath's girls, our Kiwi cousins, who live 'Down Under' in Australia.




Beth's lovely girl Sasha came wearing the Kiwiana dress she won in a giveaway on my blog early last year.

Jacqueline's gorgeous girl didn't have too far to travel. 

JoAnn's lively bunch had a fabulous time and although stuffed themselves silly, had a wonderful time and can't wait until the next party! 

Jocelyn's girls turned up in their stylish 'FT' frocks.

Linda's girls all donned their best dresses and party hats and also had a fun time.

Renate's stunning girl came over from Germany to attend the party - she wore a lovely outfit that brought out the blue in her eyes.  Peggy Sue loved her card.

Marti's girls started early, as they wanted to do some baking...here is the story of their party preparations.

Let's bake some treats for Peggy Sue's party! "I wanna help, too" says baby Becca!

Uh oh, baby Becca has fallen and taken the table runner with her on the way down! "Good thing we hadn't opened anything yet," the girls note.

With Becca settled in on a seat and pacified with a cookie, the girls can get to work. Audrey puts cupcake papers in the tray while Jennifer and Meg start mixing.

Claudia wants to help and insists on taking the cupcakes out of the oven. The bigger girls tell her she's a bit too small to handle a hot pan.

Claudia is not happy to hear this! meanwhile, Baby Becca has moved on to eating chocolates.

Audrey pipes on the frosting while Sue stands by to add sprinkles to them.

Woohoo! Cupcakes for everyone! Happy birthday Peggy Sue! The "party posse" will be happy to eat these in your honor!

Gabrielle's kids brought the fireworks....which sadly got rained off!  But the thought was there.... just not the weather.

Janet's stylish kids made a people paper chain....

...that spelt out....

Peggy Sue was naturally absolutely delighted with this!

Nancy's two girls bought their softie companions which Little Owen kept entertained while the girls joined in the party games.

Peggy Sue was thrilled to welcome Ginger's three to the party, Clara, Pooh and Baby Meg fitted in well.

DollMum's kids joined in the celebrations as well (blog post here)

From left to right:  Baby Leo, Laura, Reuben, Miranda, Nicholas James, Florence and baby Mabel.

Enjoying their tea and cakes.

Playing a game of dominoes!

Jackie's kids from Phoenix came...

...they came well prepared....

...wearing their pyjamas so they could have a slumber party as well!

To be continued...


  1. Gosh! How wonderful is this large gathering all to help celebrate Peggy-Sue's birthday. Happy Birthday Peggy-Sue from Kendal's Sasha Brood. Hope that you have a great party.

    1. Peggy Sue says thank you so much Kendal and Sasha brood. She had such a lovely special day - so many guests....she was a very tired little girl for several days afterwards.


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