Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Giveaway!

Well has it been wet enough for you all today? My poor husband and the two dogs got absolutely drenched when they went for their walk today. Thinking they were going during a 'dry' spell, only to get caught in a torrential downpour. Fortunately I was tucked up safely in my sewing studio, listening to some jazz.

Three little maids... all looking up in the hope it won't rain while their photos are being taken.


Lined bodice with a very full gathered skirt.

Sasha is modelling another dress, with lined bodice and full gathered skirt.

Marcia, wearing a square neckline bodice and vintage recycled Laura Ashley fabric for the full gathered skirt.

I thought I would offer one these pretty dresses (as well as the dress from yesterday's post) up as a Giveaway. They are all still to be trimmed with crochet lace edging around the neckline.

If you would like to enter this Giveaway, please leave a comment naming which dress you would prefer and I will draw the winning name out of a hat next Sunday.


  1. I wonder if I may enter your giveaway...I love the dress your no nose is fact I love your no nose :)
    How many of the early Gotz dolls do you have...they grow on you don't they!!

  2. One Sasha is going to be a lucky girl, they are all beautiful.

  3. Lovely dresses, lovely dolls, lovely blog.

  4. marcia is beautiful !....please dont include my name for the give away, im just trying a new way of trying to leave a comment as i couldnt up till now !

  5. hi lorraine, marcia is beautiful, please dont include me in the giveaway, im just practising leaving a comment as its never let me before...lovely dresses !...


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