Friday, 8 July 2011

A bit of fun.

I've not done a lot of crafting since the weekend, just not quite felt up to it, the pain has been getting to me a bit this week, however I have managed to make a couple of leggings today.

At the Sasha Fun Day the other week I bought a gorgeous jumper/dress made by Jane Woodbridge, and the leggings were made to match this dress. Quite funny seeing this jumper as I had just received a comment about my OTT colour combination of orange and pink and what did I see that Saturday? This fabulous jumper in just those same colours! Well how could I resist? ;-)

Liebe (1960s Gotz) is seen here modelling both the jumper and the leggings.

Wonderful colour combination!

Pink and orange, just what is needed to cheer us on a dreary and wet day.

The babies wanted a turn as well, so matched with some jumpers I won off evilbay some time ago, I whipped up a pair of leggings for the girl and a pair of jeans for the boy.

Quite a contrast in their skin colouring and hair!

The other outfit I bought at the SFD was a cute little play-suit made by Dollydoodles, seen here modelled by my blonde baby boy. I just love the colour blue so when I saw this I thought it was just perfect for the wee man.

He is very fond of his baby seal.

Such a sweetie, still in need of a name!


  1. Do you call your german girl 'Liebe'?
    Sounds unusual, but I mostly like unusual things :)

    We're as a family are just discussing names for my next grandchild... so I can send some suggestions for your blonde baby?
    How is 'Ciro' ?

  2. Hi Serenata, I'm glad to meet someone else who is juicing! I'm not used to it much. It's tough to do when you are as frugal as I am.

    I LOVE your dolls!!! How beautiful! And I'm a musician too. How fun!

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Oh 'service unavailable', so I have to write again.

    I never heard Liebe as a childs name.
    You're of course right: 'Liebe' means love.

    How do you spell this in english?
    It's interesting for me...


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