Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sew who Won on Sunday?

Drum roll.... Time for the Dress Giveaway Draw.

1. Find a suitable container for shuffling and shaking the names up.

This looks just the job.

Pop the names in the pot.

Give them a shake.

Enlist on my lovely husband's help to draw the name out of the pot.

Congratulations to Mon petite Bleuettes.

Please let me know your email address via the comments (I won't publish it) and I can get a pretty dress in the post to you this week.

Due to the response I had I decided to ask hubby to draw another lucky name from the pot!

Here we go...

Congratulations Emma! (From the Sasha Yahoo group)

Dress number 6, modelled by Emily will be in the post to you this week, just need you to email me your postal details please.

I had a very lazy day yesterday and didn't get any sewing done. I have been quite stiff and sore the last few days, probably from over doing things somewhat and too much driving.

I managed to make a little dress today, modelled by Amber my 1965 large head Gotz with yellow eyes.

I was trying out a new style, or rather a variation of a style.

Sleeves and neckline finished with yellow gingham binding.

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  1. Congratulations to the winnners!
    Pretty dress on your '65 girl!


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