Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day didn't start off too well for poor Henry

He seems to be staring rather dejectedly at something on the floor...

He looks very sad, and was pretty much in tears....(as was I if truth be told!)

What was he looking at?


Yes his hair.  He has so little left now, we are both finding it hard to cope with!  It is rather devastating.

So he was feeling pretty miserable.

But someone had noticed and didn't like to see him sad so set about trying to make him feel better.

What is that behind your back Peggy Sue?

She walks towards Henry with determination to make him feel happier.

I wonder if she will succeed as he sure does look rather miserable.

Henry looks up at Peggy Sue and wonders what she wants.

She hands him a card.

He opens it up...

...and reads it.

Thank you Peggy Sue, that is really sweet.  Henry says to her.

I don't like to see you sad Henry.  She tells him.  Don't worry, we will still love you no matter what.

She shyly gives him a kiss.

Oh, how sweet.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Aww, Peggy Sue, you have a heart of gold. And Henry, don't worry - with or without all your hair you are obviously loved <3 xx

    1. Peggy Sue sure does have a heart of gold :-) As for Henry, he is feeling rather insecure, but he knows deep down he is loved, he is just scared of losing 'his look'.

  2. that Peggy Sue always knows the right thing to do! how wonderful!

  3. Oh Henry, you've got friends and family who love you no matter what happens to your hair. your character shines through regardless of your hairstyle. Well done Peggy Sue for trying to cheer you up.

  4. Henry, we all love you with or without hair. You are the best boy! So nice of Peggy Sue to give you a pretty card and a shoulder to lean on. Happy Valentine's Day! :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much Aunty Ginger. Peggy Sue is a sweetheart even if she can be bossy sometimes!

  5. I don't like to admit it but I'm rather suffering from the same problem as you with my hair so I can well sympathise. Mine, my doctor tells me is due to ageing, nowhere near as exciting as your reason....experiencing the range of different temperatures as you travelled around the world after a certain un-tested brunette dye was used at birth.
    Guessing that we'll both just have to live with it and hope that our family and friends will still love us for who we are.
    (Luckily you have two options of later rectifying this matter, a re-root or a wig, to my one, as I certainly don't fancy going through the pain of a re-root.)
    So 'Chin up, head held high, best foot forward' onwards we go.....

    1. Yup guess we will both have to chin and bear it Aunty Kendal, although it is hard. I think re-rooting would be rather painful for you as well! Ouch... I don't know what I am going to do, as I want to still look like me!

      Love Henry

  6. So nice of Peggy Sue to cheer poor Henry up xx


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