Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Frog Spawn & Tree House

The first thing the boy sailor did upon returning home was to check out the garden pond.

Rory was delighted to see frog spawn for the first time ever!

The pond looks rather murky, but the frogs obviously thought it suitable...

Rory can't wait for tadpoles and then his beloved frogs!

Meanwhile Henry is checking out the tree house

He scrambles up the ladder muttering something about it could do with being a bit longer.

Up he climbs

Pokes his head through

Sits for a while

Inspects the leaf growth yet to camouflage it, but perhaps now is the time to start planning the rest of the tree house!


  1. Hi Henry, You look a bit tired after your NZ trip. There will be plenty of time to make the tree house, hope you and Rory will have fun watching the frogs come out! Good to see you and Mum back home! Fanny

    1. Yes both Mum and I are still tired from our trip - it is a long long way! Thank you for welcoming us both back home :-)

  2. Henry, I'll bring you a longer rope ladder to the Sasha Celebration in May - I know that one is too short and anyway it was the prototype - you need a better one. DollMum

  3. It is so very nice to see Rory looking for frogs and Henry climbing a tree! Life is returning to normal, all is right again in our Sasha world!!! ;) Thank you! xxx

  4. what are your plans for the treehouse, Henry? or are you going to make us wait and see?

  5. Welcome home 'Dear' Henry. I've missed you and many thanks for the super postcard from NZ!


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