Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blogging - giving up for a while.

After quite a bit of thinking and wanting to do more, I have decided to close my blogs down for a while.  Not sure how many are actually reading it any more anyway and I think it is time for a break. This is due to various reasons that I don't wish to go into due to 'Chinese Whispers' and other hurts that seem to occur when things are said 'third hand'.   I will leave this up for the next few days so that anyone who does will know 'where they have gone'.  Maybe I will come back refreshed and more enthusiastic, maybe I will give up the whole blogging lark and dolls altogether, at this stage I just don't know...all I know is they are no longer 'bringing me joy' and surely that is the whole point of a hobby? 


  1. I don't know you and have never been to a Sasha gathering but now and again I like to read Sasha blogs. I've found those of yours that I have managed to read very enjoyable and I hope your dolls start to bring you joy again. Have a good rest and I'm sure you will feel refreshed. Best wishes, Vivienne

  2. Blogging, as I know, is enjoyable for both the publisher (and provides a good pictorial record of our dolls, outfits and visits) and their followers BUT it is also very TIME consuming.... so I think that it is ok for all of us to take a rest from it from time to time especially when like you and I, we have been doing it for YEARS now!
    Rests gives us time to just play, dress and enjoy our dolls by ourselves and at our leisure without any extra pressure whilst hopefully our ideas for new posts are re-freshed and blogging batteries re-charge themselves for the future.

    Over the years I have completed well over 800 posts since 2002 and I'm sure that you and 'Dear' Henry must have done MANY more! There were, and still are, times when I feel that MY particular style of posts (though NOT yours!) lack holding interest and are quite boring to others viewing so I'm always trying to re-think about how I can improve them somewhat.... especially as due to lack of funds, age and ill health I'm not buying new dolls on such a large scale or going 'out and about' with them quite so much!

    So enjoy the rest and hopefully you'll feel differently afterwards towards this part of our Sasha Collecting hobby and blogging and your dolls will start to bring you pleasure and enjoyment again.
    Meanwhile Sasha love to you and 'Dear' Henry, from Me and my Sasha Brood.


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