Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Henry goes outside.

Henry has been busy doing the things boys do since Christmas....

Today he enjoyed going out and splashing in the puddles

Looked forlornly out to the sodden garden

Realising that it was simply to wet and muddy to entertain any thoughts of further his tree house.

But the sun was out after a torrential downpour, he had his Wellington/Gumboots on, so thought he might as well do some investigating round the garden.

The daffodils are poking up their heads...

Signs of spring?   Perhaps a bit early yet, but one can always dream!


  1. glad you came out of the house after so long Henry! I have missed reading about your adventures! I still remember all the fun we had in AZ last summer! Remember the scraggly gunfighter you met in Tombstone?!

    1. Oh yes I do remember! Wasn't that the greatest fun?!

  2. Good to be outside, having some sun and looking after the garden ;)
    The daffodils hopefully don't come out
    - winter will perhaps come back!

  3. Hnery, Your are a guy after my own tastes. Yesterday I raked leaves and today I cleaned out both fish ponds. Do you have a fish pond, Henry? Your gardening outfit rocks!!

  4. I think that we all, like 'Dear' Henry, are wanting to get outside in our gardens after spending much of Christmas indoors in the warmth.
    He certainly looks well dressed for the occasion of splashing in the puddles and investigating what's happening in the garden. So far around here our gardens are surving well again this year although it's still forecasting some of 'the white stuff' to come.
    Hopefully if the Daffs are anything to go by (and the longer days and lighter evenings) Spring isn't too far away now and he can get back to helping 'Dad' with his tree house.

  5. It is so frustrating waiting for the weather to be good enough for tree houses again. It is great to see you out and about Henry.


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