Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ahoy there Sailor

Having a son in the Merchant Navy, I couldn't resist getting a Sailors Uniform for Rory.

This great outfit is made by Vicky Chapman and I think Rory looks fabulous in it.

A young boy sailor.

His two siblings....Rory and Ginger George - who is also wearing an outfit made by Vicky


  1. What a great trio, love the black and white version.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I experimented with several different versions and 'finishes' and liked this one the best :-)

  2. Rory looks properly seriously ready for working at sea in this wonderful outfit - I see that being dressed in a nautical fashion even makes the baby and toddler behave nicely - they look very proudly smart.

  3. Rory looks wonderful in his Navy outfit! He is a very handsome boy! Your trio of Navy boys is wonderful to see! Thank you!

  4. A fabulous photo. Love their sizes and outfits which go to make a most interesting group.....particularly love Rory who I've always had a soft spot for......well after 'Dear' Henry.


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