Sunday, 4 May 2014

Some New Zealand Dresses for my own girls.

After making the dresses for sale the other day I decided I would also make my girls some (I already had some from last year) and like I did with the Christmas dresses, make enough for all of them.  Sadly some of the dresses I have sold in the past I no longer have the fabric for, so was unable to duplicate those which is a shame.

Marcia, has on 'NZ Postage Stamps'

All the stamps have something that represents the beautiful country that New Zealand is.

Alice is wearing 'Paua Shells.  Paua is used in lots of jewellery and other gifts.  It is also quite a nice shell fish and I remember as a child having Paua Fritters from the takeaway shop.

Monica is wearing the bright and colourful 'Jazzy' New Zealand animals, all animals that you can find in the wild (and not so wild) New Zealand.

Somem of the animals include the Kiwi, Pukeko, Tuatara, Wood Pigeon, Sheep, Deer, Wild Boar

Great fun!

Sweet Charlotte is wearing a dress representing the Silver Fern, a well known emblem of New Zealand.

My delightful Cora is wearing 'Krazy' Pukeko...her brother Caleb has a shirt made out of this fun fabric.

I really love this girl.

Sweet Mary Ellen is wearing 'Kiwis in the bush'

Meredith is wearing 'Red Koru'.  

Sadly the blue is the fabric I no longer have left...I should have thought to have made one for my girls as well as the ones I sold.


  1. Great idea to have your own dolls dressed in the New Zealand fabrics to remind you and them of your family's connections with this country.
    Your pond area makes an interesting background for these colourful dresses.

  2. Lucky little ladies! They all look great!
    J xx

  3. They are all lovely Lorraine and so hard to pick a favorite. Your girls are beautiful too. I think I love the silver fern and the kiwis in the bush the very best :) What a colorful post xxxx


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