Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sasha/Gregor Carrying Tote Travel Bags

I've started to make special Sasha/Gregor carrying tote bags - based on the tote bags I used to make when sewing for craft fairs and the bag we were given at the Sasha Festival in Ohio last year. All bags are fully lined with pockets inside and can have domes closing them if required. All seams are sewn and then overlocked, but with no exposed seams.   The bags have a 'gusset' to add width to them so that you can fit in all the necessary supplies for a day out, such as a purse, camera, book, packed lunch, drink bottle etc...

I trialled one of these bags on my trip to Australia and New Zealand and found it a great success as plenty of room both inside the bag and also for carrying a doll.

This was the bag I made for New Zealand which many of you will have already seen.

In action, it carried my purse, camera, kindle, passport and various other bits of paraphernalia!

Out and about!

Of course not everyone wants to be seen out and about with a doll, but for those that like to travel with one and visit various places, this is a lot easier than having them stuck in a back pack or bag that you have to lift off your shoulders, undo and haul them in and out of all the time.


Bag 1:  'Roses'  (Sale Pending)

Rory showing it for size.

The side panels - adding width to the bag

Inside pocket..

Larger inside pocket on other side.


Bag 2:  Butterfllies.  £25.00 plus postage.

Again Rory is the brave sole who demonstrates it in action.

(Sorry the light wasn't the best when these photos were taken)


Bag 3:  Vintage Flowers  £25.00 plus postage


These bags also fit other dolls such as the 'Design A Friend', 18 inch Gotz and American Girls.


  1. This bags are great, Lorraine. A very good idea! Henry is a lucky devil with a mom like you.

    1. Thank you, I wanted to make them just that little more practical for those who like to carry their dolls around and about with them and not have to take extra bags as well. Always trying to limit what one has to carry and trying to find ways of making things easier...

  2. The rose blue one is particularly pretty.
    I have a navy and off-white striped one from Heidie's Sasha Festival.

    1. Thanks Kendal. Yes the Festival ones are of course where I got part of the idea from, and they were a fantastic gift from the festival Henry got a 'Cars' one ;-) , The trouble with them I found is that without a gusset when the doll is slotted in the 'Y Fronts' as my husband calls it! you can't really put a lot other than papers in the actual bag as the doll pushes the bag in. I combined that super idea with the tote shopping bags I used to make to make the bag more practical and as such I have made the doll carrying part with give so that it expands outwards not inwards and by lining the bag and adding the gusset this allows for other 'necessary' items such as lunch, camera, bottle, purse etc... to be carried inside. Hope this makes sense. Far too long a sentence, but it is late!


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