Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Merediith has a friend come for the day.

Meredith was delighted to have a friend come for the day last week.

They talked and talked and talked...and of course did some eating as well!

They do so much talking that they only remembered to go outside just before she was due to leave!

Upon arrival Gaby immediately tried on her new dress.  While in the garden she asks Meredith what she thinks. Meredith of course tells her she looks lovely as indeed she does. 

Gaby poses for the camera beside the new pond and rockery garden.

Meredith watches and waits while Gaby poses for several photographs.

Before they knew it, the time had come for Meredith and Gaby to say their goodbyes until next time.

Gaby is Jocelyn's fabulous early developmental blue eyed redhead stunner!


  1. The lovely Meredith meets the lovely Gaby! It is so nice to spend time with friends. Their dresses are beautiful and perfect for them. I hope you all had a great day :)

  2. Always lovely to have friends (especially when they are of the same age and eye-style) come over for the day to chat and play out in the newly created area of the garden. Unfortunately time always passes so quickly when you're having fun.
    Gaby's new dress certainly suits her colouring down to a 'T.'


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