Monday, 19 May 2014

Boy in Garden - 3

Just a note:  Not all boys shown on these posts belong to me...some will remain anonymous, some will have their owner's name.  My boys are listed on the page  'The Boys' which can be found on the tab at top of this page.

James - Jenni's dear blue-eyed Gregor for 'Blue Monday'


  1. How I love the brunette haired/blue eyes combination on the Sasha Dolls and still wonder just why this wasn't included in their production along with the blonde haired/brown eyes. Surely it wouldn't have added any complications to the actual manufacturing process as both the re-rooters and eye painters worked separately. (I can see why the blonde/blue eyes would have been more popular in the UK as that is thought of as more the UK children's colouring BUT.....when the dolls started to be exported that's another matter.

    James looks extremely smart in his DD striped T shirt (and such a wonderful colour for enhancing his eyes) and jeans, just perfect clothing for such a little lad to be out playing and exploring..

    1. It is indeed a wonderful combination and what a shame as you say that there aren't more of these lads around. I would love to be able to add one of these lads to my family one day.

      He is a very smart lad indeed.

  2. Hello James!
    He looks very happy, Lorraine.... not sure he'll want to come home!

    I was so lucky to be able to buy James. He came from Sasha Doll UK and stayed there for a few days before I had the money to buy him. I thought he would be snapped up before then and was thrilled that he wasn't. He looks so like my big brother, the other James, did when he was about nine or ten. I have another 'brother' my little Robin who, like my twin, has big brown eyes and one arm shorter than the other... clearly, he too was meant to come to me!

    Oddly, I always think my dolls look better when they are photographed by somebody else. Perhaps I need a better camera to do them justice?! Thank you for giving James his moment in the public eye, Lorraine!
    Jenni xx

    1. Well I hope I have done him justice Jenni, I certainly tried as he is a very lovely lad...of course he may not want to come home! ;-) Only kidding, I am sure he does. He was a lucky find indeed and I am so glad he found you. Not sure what the boys have been up to today, I haven't seen hide nor hair of them.

      I didn't realise you were a twin?! Or have I read this wrong?

    2. I was a twin but Robin died in early childhood. I think that was why the bears and dolls became so dear to me, I wasn't used to being by myself at all. One of my two old bears was actually his at first and, if the house was on fire, they would be the first thing to be rescued - together of course because that's where they belong.


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