Monday, 17 February 2014

Henry repacks and Stevie gets some new shoes.

Phew!  I managed to convince Henry that he really didn't need to take quite as much as he was....

He has conceded to take only one pair of trainers - the black pair this time.  He has cut back on the shorts, and trousers and shirts, plus is only taking two of the four spades/rakes that came with his bucket.  It now all fits in his case, including his rain coat.  

Brenda sent him this case before his travels in 2012 and it has been well used and is the idea size.  

Henry checks the weight and thinks it will be within the guidelines.  So he is all for his mother she hasn't even started thinking about what to take yet!

Stevie was intending to travel with Henry this year but has decided that she would rather stay at home with the others...I think she is a bit fearful about leaving home again.  There is no fear of that Henry reassures her.

He is sad that she won't be travelling with her, but understands that travelling isn't for everyone.

She too is wearing her fabulous New Zealand emblem t-shirt.  She is wearing new purple shoes that arrived today that match the t shirt and skirt and she is indeed very pleased with them.

The way to the girls heart is shoes it appears!


  1. So glad you are staying home, Stevie! Now I can be sure my two little terrors will have a sensible young lady to make sure they don't wreck the place in Lorraine's absence. Feel free to phone me if they get out of hand - no new wellies for naughty boys!
    Jenni x
    PS It's pouring with rain again here - snorkel and flippers may be needed istead of wellies if thisgoes on!

  2. Congratulations 'Dear' Henry on now managing to get everything into the one suitcase. Makes life so much easier for both you and your mother.
    Have a fantastic time though I'm sorry to hear that Stevie has decided not to go with you in the end..( I'm reckoning that she got HER New Zealand T shirt under false pretences......never mind the new shoes!)

  3. Looks like you'll be able to take only a pair of jeans and few T-shirts :-) or you'll have to check in another suitcase .. definitely not travel light :-)
    Have a safe trip to you and Henry!

  4. Stevie looks great in her purple and so nice that Henry has downsized to one suitcase. Hope you all have a fantastic trip :)


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