Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Travel bag for carrying Henry

While at the Sasha Festival last year we received a great carry bag for the Sasha and Gregor dolls.  It was a great idea but I wanted to 'improve' it slightly for our next travels.  It needed to be more usable as a bag as well as a carry holder for Henry.  So I wanted to make one with more of a gusset, pockets inside, not so long a handle strap and also so that when Henry was being carried that the rest of the bag could be used as well.  What tended to happen was that when he was in the original one was that his body would push towards the inside of the bag and as such  the bag would only fit papers in - which was ideal for the festival folder, but for not for more regular use when I wanted to be able to carry a camera, binoculars, snacks and a purse.

I think I achieved my aim.

I have had this purple spotted fabric for a long time just waiting for the right thing to make with it.  It is nice and sturdy.  The bag is fully lined and has a couple of pockets inside it.  I also added dome poppers to hold it shut should I wish it to.

Henry trying it out for size.

Pocket, and pen holder.  I used my old crafting labels.

Smaller pocket on the other side.

Dome/Popper closures.


  1. Adorable! It is beautifully sewn and has so many nice details. I'm sure it will prove very handy, and it's nice that Henry will be able to see everything that is going on. I'll bet you could sell these! I've been thinking about your upcoming trip to NZ a lot. I hope you have the most blessed and safe trip ever. =)

  2. I was going to say exactly the same about there being a market for such a practical yet lightweight bag and it looks very much as if the boss approves. What a brilliant and well thought through design - well done Lorraine, and I'm sure it'll be so useful on your travels - Bon Voyage!

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments about this bag - I wanted to show me wearing/using it but couldn't quite work out how to do the photo without an extra body available!

    I would like to point out that this is an adaptation from the original Sasha Festival bag, so I can't take credit for the original idea, rather I have changed it to make it more suitable for my needs and travelling. Hope this makes sense?

  4. Great bag for Henry and traveling!!! The purple with dots is quite smart too--love it :). Have a wonderful time!!!

  5. I noticed these bags that Sheila and Heidi were using to carry their dolls around in in our 2012 Stratford Festival and thought how great they were then so when I read that Heidi had a few left over from her 2013 festival last year (they were the tote bags with the journal and information inside) and were for sale I sent for one for myself.
    I was planning to use it when I went to the Chat n' Snap but my doll was wearing a beautiful VS studio styled dress made from an antique Victorian Christening gown so didn't want to crease it with the Sasha travelling in the outer pocket.

    Your adaptations to include your camera and equipment, binoculars and one or two food snacks in looks to be more useful for your adventures with 'Dear' Henry.

  6. Brilliant! The perfect bag for Henry and Mum. Have a fantastic time and can't wait to see all the holiday snaps xx


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