Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wellington Boots & New Zealand

Henry is all but packed and excited about his upcoming trip.  

His new 'gumboots' arrived today ready to wear on the farm in NZ.  

He is wearing his New Zealand t-shirt, drawn & designed by the Sailor (my eldest son Steven) and kindly printed on t-shirts by Sashapotamus.  I also have a t-shirt with this design on that The Sailor brought home for me this weekend.


  1. OOOH, Henry they are brilliant!! What make are they? Can't imagine Emrys and James NOT demanding a pair each when they get back here. Come to think of it, they just might need them to get across the yard to the front door...
    Love your special NZ tee shirt too.
    Have a great time and take care of your Mum.
    Jenni xx

  2. Looks like he really is all ready to go now!! He'll be pestering you to know "how many more sleeps" before you leave!!! The tee shirt is nice, a good design, and he probably won't grow out of it so will get a good bit of wear from it!! And those boots will be great on the farm, and any mud can be just washed off. Yes, very practical!! In fact, perfect for the UK too at the moment I would think!! Well done Henry!!

    1. Oh yes indeed, we have been getting the 'how many more sleeps'! It is now FIVE! Can't believe how quickly the time is going.

      The boots are great aren't they?! It was thanks to Jocelyn that we discovered them.

  3. Two FABULOUS items! Love the Wellingtons. A perfect size and just what is needed in some parts of the UK right now.
    His (and your!) T shirts are super and great for his intended holiday to your parents in New Zealand this week.

    Safe journey and have a wonderful time. Look forward to your return with all the news and photos.

    1. Thank you, the Wellingtons really are great and perfect for here and in NZ on the farm. We are getting very excited.

  4. He looks great. The T.Shirt is brilliant. Have a great holiday, the weather is hot everywhere and up north they are having crazy humidity.


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