Sunday, 16 February 2014

Henry is packed!

Henry has been busy packing his clothes over the last few days - he has had to weed some out...I explained that he didn't really need his Superman outfit, and two pairs of sandals...I don't think he needs three pairs of trainers either, but having a harder time convincing him of that...still we have a few more days yet.

Footwear, pyjamas, socks, underpants, shirts, trousers and dungarees.

T Shirts, joggers (camouflage), hoodie, knitwear and shorts.

Swimwear, sunhats, raincoat and sleeping bag and pillow (tucked inside the sleeping bag)

Hmmm...isn't it all supposed to fit in your case Henry?  It did last time we went to NZ!  Granted we didn't take the sleeping bag that year, but the bucket and spades DID fit in your case....

I think he might have to do some more cutting back before we leave.

Do I really have to leave some things behind?  It really is ALL necessary!

I'm afraid so Henry, what doesn't fit in your suitcase or backpack will have to be left behind...

You can leave the sleeping bag out though and we can pack that separately. 

Okay, I will see if I can resort the clothes...


  1. Henry, you will have to do what Roger in Swallows and Amazons did for the night sailing - he wore layers of clothes - that way you'll save packing space! What a lot of lovely clothes, shoes and essential accessories you have for your trip to NZ. I hope you are going to be helpful on the journey and carry your own suitcase. Have a wonderful time.

    1. Indeed, it won't be the first time one of us has had to wear layers of clothing on the plane! It was me coming back one year...

  2. It should be nice and warm most of the time Henry. It would be easy to just rinse out a few items and wear them again. You need to keep the luggage weight down in case you find lots of interesting things to bring back with you.
    Jenni x

    1. That is just what I have been telling him Jenni!

  3. All those beautiful clothes and accessories are a delight to see together, lovely pictures :-).

  4. You take lovely photographs of Henry, Lorraine. You are a conscientious mother, of course and Henry is really a lucky devil:) Have a safe journey, Henry!

    1. Thank you so much, he is a delight to photograph.

  5. Unfortunately I know this feeling very well when going away on holiday. What I normally try to do is to put everything laid out on the spare bed a week before and then make myself eliminate one item per day. Luckily Henry has just enough time to do this as well.

    If I remember rightly when he travelled out there two years ago he did wear his raincoat for the journey. (Will that go over his red DD gilet as those are the two bulky clothing items that are still out of the suitcase?)

    Hopefully some of the smaller clothes (T shirts carefully rolled or folded) can be put into the sand bucket to fill that. Socks, hats , swim trunks and pants can fit snuggly inside the hiking boots (if he's not travelling wearing these) and trainers and maybe the sandals could even fit inside the Wellies. If they don't then perhaps the spades etc could?

    It's worth trying these things and then let me know how you get on.

  6. Goodness me Henry, I think you're going to get charged for excess baggage! You have a lot of things there, do you really need them all? Could you not get your mum to rinse things through for you, I'm sure they'd dry quickly! LOL!
    I hope you have left some space for you mum to take some clothes with her too! ;)


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