Sunday, 2 February 2014

52 Weeks: 1 - 5

Henry is taking part in a 52 Week Photography Challenge, and armed with his trusty camera here are the first five weeks photographs.

1/52 Self Portrait

2/52 Love

3/52 Candy

4/52 Flowers

5/52 Black & White


  1. Good luck with this challenge. I'm sure that you will do very well.
    I like no 2, Love, the very best of your first five photos, followed by your 'Selfie.'.

  2. Hello from Belgium! The photos are lovely, I like the self portrait very much. Who is the little "robot" on the Black and White and "Flowers" pictures? He's very cute :-). Good luck with the challenge!

    1. He is a Domo character - we call him 'Chessie'

  3. How very clever for Henry to take on such a challege. It will be fun to watch for his choices :)


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