Saturday 27 August 2016

Summer Music Festival - The Event!

Reuben opens the Music Festival 

Presented by The Friendly Company of Dolls

He is delighted to announce the opening act

'Fur Elise' by Beethoven with Jakob playing flute accompanied by Henry on piano.

The audience sit quietly waiting for the two boys to start.

Henry watches for Jakobs cue as he lifts his flute towards his mouth.

The music is about to begin.

Edith listens intently, whilst Anne-Marie seems started to have been caught on camera.  Thank goodness for her 'shades' she thinks.  Laura is thinking about her piece.

Gregor is feeling a little bit worried about his performance, knowing he hasn't put in quite the work perhaps he should have done.

After his performance Jacob tells Hamish it wasn't too bad to go first after all and at least now he can relax and enjoy the rest.

 Next up is Peggy Sue on 'cello accompanied by Henry on piano.

Reuben introduces the piece to be played:

'Serenade' by Marie Dare.

Sweet sounds come from Peggy Sue's 'cello as she has been practising diligently for the last few weeks..

She concentrates and focuses well.

Henry makes a good accompanist.

The audience are very appreciative.

Peggy Sue brings the piece to a close with a perfect ending.

She stays on stage with Henry as Anne-Marie is about to join them

The three of them have formed a trio and performed a piece of music aptly named 'Trio' 

Anne-Marie is completely absorbed in her playing as it takes her away to another place.

Anne-Marie is telling a worried Edith that she is sure she made a mistake...she was so absorbed in her music she thinks she missed a cue from Henry.  Little does she know she is just making poor Edith even more nervous.  

Gregor is pleased that he has the steady Henry accompanying him, although little does he know that Henry is rather nervous...

Gregor is playing Mozart's Violin Sonata K301.

The local photographer is discreetly taking photos for the local paper.

Gregor tells the audience a little about the piece he is going to play.

Henry looks up waiting for his cue for them to start.

Reuben introduces Evelee, a relatively newcomer to the whole 'Sasha Scene' as he called it.  

Everlee is delighted to be able to attend AND perform at the Summer Music Festival and can't quite believe her luck, but she is rather apprehensive and hope her voice holds for her piece.

She starts singing 

'Hey Jude' 

which of course didn't really need any introduction.  

It was a complete success.

Laura has really got into the spirit of the festival with her long dress and colourful guitar.

She is playing Country Dance by G.D. Aguado

She sings beautifully along as she plays

The audience listen in rapture to her sweet voice.

Bobby decides to sit on the stage...he takes a very relaxed posture as he plays Danza Espanola No. 5 by Enrique Ganados 

His playing by the pond in the garden all week must have paid off as he played it magically.

Juno had asked Bobby if he would be her duo partner for Rameau's Tambourin for Recorder and Guitar.  Bobby was thrilled to be asked.

Juno sure knows how to produce an amazing sound from her recorder, she played just beautifully.

Melanie on violin and Trendon Elliott on trumpet form a duo to play Mozart's 'Easy Duet'

Trendon Elliott wanted to hide behind the music stand as he was a bit nervous, although he said it was so the stand was high enough for Melanie. 

They both looked amazing in their matching outfits, which added to the magic of their performance.

Melanie showed such finesse on her violin.

Poor little Edith, who you may remember being sick just before the Music Festival started was incredibly nervous...

She looks over to Peggy Sue anxiously.  She is playing 'Moon River' from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' by Henry Mancini with Peggy Sue accompanying her on piano.

Peggy Sue does her best to give her an encouraging and reassuring look.

She sends her good can do it.

Edith doesn't look so sure.

After she finishes playing she again turns to Peggy Sue who gives her a nod.

She played well.

Isobel stands on her box to clap as loud as she can.

She calls out 'bravo'.

Edith goes back to her seat in tears, but Anne-Marie and Isobel do her best to tell her she played well.

Poor thing, she was just so incredibly nervous, but they tell her she played well, which she did.  

Reuben announces Henry.

Henry is playing a piece called 

'Aotearoa' Land of the Long White Cloud

written by his 'Mum' a few years ago.

It is a piece for solo clarinet.

He played beautifully and the audience was enthralled by the sounds and imagery that the piece conjured in their minds.

Peggy Sue plays the penultimate piece on her saxophone.

She is playing 'Dancing Sax' by Alan Bullard

The sounds of sweet saxophone fill the air.

Rounding off the Summer Music Festival is the debut off the 'Rosehip Chicks' who had their 'official' cover photos taken the day before.

Hoping to take the world by storm, they are excited to be presenting their first piece 'Summer Promise' with Maddison singing, Sasha and Stevie on maracas and Molly on hand drum.  They were backed by Peter on Kit Drum.

These girls are excited to be on the stage although Molly being the youngest is a little nervous and shy.

Maddison is bold and confident and makes a good lead singer.

They grow more confident as they sing through their piece.

The babies are mostly attentive.

I think the hot weather has kept them from getting to active.

Molly concentrates hard.

All in all their piece, composed by themselves, is a resounding success.

All the musicians gather on stage to sing an encore to the audience who were extremely appreciative and well behaved.

The local photographer takes some photos.

She is excited to write up about this event.

A fantastic day was had by all

The performers all played and sang beautifully and were very professional in their approach.

Many thanks must go to Doll Mum and her lovely daughter for hosting this event at their 'Festival Grounds'  (You may remember that these same grounds hosted the Summer Gymkhana last year).

To read about Doll Mum's version of the events click here.


  1. What a musical group! I completely enjoyed the concert!!! Norvell

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Norvell, it was a lot of fun.

  2. Your photos are wonderful, Lorraine - a great souvenir of a glorious occasion! I seem to have crept into the background at one point - sorry about that - Jocelyn

    1. You were part of the audience! No problem :-) Wasn't it just a fun day indeed?

  3. What a wonderful event! I felt like I was there. All of the practicing and hard work really paid off. Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

  4. A great post Lorraine! I really enjoyed every act on stage plus the audience and the reporter too! It must have taken a lot of time and effort to get them all posed with their various instruments and they are all so well dressed. The Rosehip Chicks are just fantastic! Henry is always a talented fellow and it is so nice that he knows how to tickle the ivories too. :) xxx

  5. wow, that looks like it was fun and glad everyone got rewarded for all their practicing!

  6. Bravo! Everyone did a wonderful job: dolls and humans alike!

  7. Isn't is amazing what one can do with the dolls! The range of props is just amazing, and the scale is fabulous. I do enjoy these "doll reports" very much. Wish I could have been there!

  8. I've now edited my photos and my girl and I have published our version of the Summer Music festival at

    It was such a lot of fun to do this event and I'm so pleased we were lucky with the weather.

    1. Thanks DM, I will add your link to the post :-)

  9. WOW! What marvellous MUSICAL talent shown here! Just love all the perfectly sized instruments. Looking at the programme a great deal of practice must have been involved over the Summer holidays so congratulations to all the participants on such dedication and commitment.

    (It reminded me of when my daughter was 10/11 years old and played the flute, guitar and Glockenspiel in a musical entertainment programme that the school put on and performed (dressed in Victorian outfits) in different venues around the area to raise money for the new Staffordshire Maternity Unit.)

    I must also congratulate the folks who planned and set this up (fab. use of that tent for the stage!) and who obviously worked tirelessly behind the scenes to provide such an awesome event...and which I can assure you wasn't just appreciated by the audience there but also by all of us blog visitors too.

  10. What a great summer musical festival! All the performers are so talented! Your collection of musical instruments and the whole set up is gorgeous! I also love the local photographer, she is lovely.
    As always, your story and pictures are wonderful! Thank you!


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