Friday 12 August 2016

Introducing Jessica

We have a new arrival here at Rose Cottage - making my 'Course' family complete is this gorgeous red head girl.

She came wearing her dress with a slip underneath and socks.  

I will make her some shoes - I've made several pairs of shoes for my Course dolls now, so she shouldn't be without for too long.

She has a cute smattering of freckles across the nose.

I have named her Jessica

Out in the garden...

She now has a pair of shoes.

From left to right.

Jessica, Jasper, Joel, Jasmine, Jacob, Jemima


  1. Oh wow, what a lovely family of Course dolls, they are all beautiful. Jessica is a great addition.

    1. Thank you, she was a great fit and the perfect addition for completing my collection.

  2. She is probably the prettiest course doll I have seen. I'm so glad she has found her way into such a lovely family..

    1. She is very pretty, although I have to admit my blonde, Jasmine is still my favourite.

  3. Congratulations Lorraine! Your new course doll is beautiful. I love her eye painting and her freckles and her name, Jessica. You have a beautiful course doll family. :) xxx

  4. Love them all but Jessica is my favourite


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