Saturday, 13 June 2015

Happy World Doll Day!

Stevie would like to remind you all that it is World Doll Day and is looking forward to hearing all about your day and the way you celebrate it.


  1. Hi Stevie, I do like that outfit on you. So far we are celebrating world doll day by taking a small pram to pieces... Maybe we will also do a bit of sewing or knitting for dolls later. I might even blog! We hope you enjoy celebrating world doll day with your mum and the rest of your doll family.

    1. What fun! We will look forward to seeing it. We had a good, albeit a wet day! Love Stevie.

  2. Happy World Doll Day to you and yours, Stevie!

  3. Hope that you all had an extra special day celebrating the love of our dolls.

    1. Thank you Kendal. Always good to celebrate the love our our dolls.

  4. Dear Serenata,

    I am so thrilled! I finally have some time to comment on your blogs so here goes. I was thinking of doing it all on this page, but it would probably be too long, so lets just talk Sasha.

    Well, we'll talk Sasha after I tell you how much I love these blogs! I do not know if we are of an age, but your wonderful blogs with your thoughts, doubts, memories and beautiful stories and pictures, bring back so many lovely childhood memories for me. Your photographs are so full of charm and life, and your wonderful dolls are the lovely players in this beautiful walk through childhood joys, memories and imagination.

    My family and I love everyone of your Sasha family. Henry, Sweet Molly, Rory, Stevie and so many others. I adore your two sets of twins (how can two boys of different hair color look so much alike?), and your red-haired sailor family is an absolute dream! Who is the older red-haired girl? I am ashamed to admit that I do not remember her name. Oh, and Greg wrote another letter to Henry to fill in some time before I could comment.

    Your sewing and knitting are so lovely, and if all goes well, I may commission you to make a school sweater and a Christmas outfit for a new doll son. Also, the beautiful outfits your friend Trish donated are causing us all to salivate here. How I would adore that beautiful red cord, and the wonderful multi-garment sets!

    My brunette boy/girl twins Greg and Sasha want to send a big hello to their counterparts across the pond, and my boy twins Sean and Gordon too. My Sweater Girl twins Sylvia and Claire suggest that maybe a pair of twin sisters would be a good addition to round out your wonderful family. Marie wants to tell Rory that she loves frogs too, and they all love your garden. Maybe some of my children will be having a Holiday with Henry one of these days. "And Ms Serenata," My Redhead, Theresa says; "We simply LOVE your girls' beautiful Christmas dresses!" "And the NZ batiks!" My little African-American sweetie pipes up. "They are SO pretty!"

    As you can see, your lovely posts delight all of us here in Fern Woods, and we are glad that you can find comfort and solace from your current troubles in your dolls and wonderful blogging. They are certainly giving comfort, solace and joy to us.

    Thank you for all the pleasure.

    Elisabeth and all the kids at Fern Woods

    1. Dear Elisabeth, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely letter/comment to me. It really does bring me such joy to know that people enjoy my ramblings and photography of my dolls and it is great to share the love. Please do feel free to email me personally as I can't reply to you apart from on here. You will find my email address either on my profile or my 'For Sale' page.

      The thought of Sweater Girl twins is rather delightful - please don't tempt me, I am trying to be good this year!

      I love the name Fern Woods, and it conjures all sorts of lovely images and reminds me of the grove at my parents place which is full of ferns and other native bush. Your Sasha family sound delightful indeed.

      I would be delighted to make some things for you!

      Thank you again, and best wishes from all here at Rose Cottage.
      Lorraine aka Serenata


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