Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dawn's "Sasha lunch - 'Midsummer Meet and Eat'

What a lovely way to spend Midsummers Day, but at a Sasha event at the lovely Dawn's place.  Just going to Dawn's is a treat in itself as she lives in the most idyllic place in the country and it is just so wonderfully quiet and peaceful.

A good crowd met and it wasn't long before all the lovely Sasha and Gregors were out on display for all to admire.

These two look ready for some excitement!

Just loved these two lads on the left.

Dee's lovely group.

Joyce's wonderful dolls.

Another fantastic group

Another lovely group, some of whom are Jane's lovely girls.  (Maybe all?)

Gillian's sweet foursome.

Doll Mum's group and Judith's three.

Jocelyn's group and Henry

Trish and Tricia;s girls (I think, feel free to let me know if I have this wrong)

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a drool over Dawn's fabulous pram collection.

Sarah and her Aunt....eyeing up the lunch table...

Jocelyn and Theresa

Dee and DollMum's daughter setting up a scene.

What a cute photo!

The lovely Gillian.

Laura (whose person is Doll Mum's daughter)  and Henry walking through the garden.

Henry admires how well Laura has co-ordinated her beautiful dress with the flowers.

They continue their walk.

Having a little sit down.

Henry is impressed as Laura also likes to climb trees...even in her best dress!

Of course I had to take advantage of Dawn's most gorgeous property by walking round it and taking a 'few' photographs.  


Thank you Dawn once again for hosting such wonderful luncheon and day. Also thanks to Rosie for cooking some of the fabulous dishes that were available.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I am sure everyone else did as well.


  1. Gorgeous photos - thanks for taking one of my dolls (which I forgot to do!) - Jocelyn

    1. Thank you Jocelyn, glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Lovely photo's Lorraine... was a very enjoyable day. So annoyed I forgot my camera. I blamed Tom :-) Was good to see you. xx

    1. Thank you Jane, it was good to see you as well :-)

  3. Great photos, that rose bud is glorious. It was lovely chatting with you again today and having fun posing Henry and Laura (even when they didn't like the wind blowing them over). Dawn's home and hospitality is wonderful, we thoroughly enjoyed the day too (and I definitely needed some relaxing friendly conversation as life and projects have been just too hectic and stressful recently). Thank you also for bringing the item I bought from your friend and for taking items to and from the festival for me and the little person.

    1. Thanks :-) Wasn't it a really lovely day? Dawn's home alone is enough to make a perfect day out...add to that Sasha and great company and you have the perfect formula.

  4. Thank you for sharing. May I "pin" some of the photos to my Sasha Doll board on Pinterest?

    1. I have sent you a message via facebook Jessica :-)

  5. You are correct Lorraine...the line up on the window...mine are the seven from left to right, the other two are Marys lovely girls. Jane x

  6. Wow, what an amazing place! It looks like a paradise to me. :). How very generous of Dawn to share her lovely home with everyone wanting to have a fun day with friends and Sashas! Thank you for this beautiful post! I think the photo of Trish's dolls include the two on the far right that belong to Janet Myhill-Dabbs. I do recognize Edith who is the twin to my Gertie and both were painted by Janet. All the dolls and prams are just wonderful to see. Thank you again. :) xxx

    1. It is indeed a paradise Ginger, I just love the garden, where it is and everything about it - so quiet and peaceful, no motorway noise...bliss!

  7. What wonderful photos Lorraine, I especially loved the ones of Henry and his friend in the garden. Your photos of the grounds too are just lovely. Ginger is right, my two are on the photos with Tricia's kids, Edith (Gertie's twin and the redhead in the harlequin smock dress).
    Thanks for a lovely reminder of a fabulous day.

    1. Thank you Janet for letting me know who is who! :-) All gorgeous and a lovely day indeed was had.

  8. Hi Henry, What a wonderful time you must have had that day! Everything is beautiful. I'm envious that you got to spend all that time with your Sasha friends; I wish I had that opportunity. I wonder if my invitation to this event has been lost in the mail... Your friend, Angelo

    1. I had a wonderful time Angelo. Wouldn't it have been great if you could have come along...I guess just a 'wee bit' too far though! ;-)

  9. Hello Lorraine and Henry,

    Another lovely post. I am so glad that you had such a good time. Those photos of Henry and Laura were so sweet. Henry, you are a lucky young man to have such a lovely friend, and she even climbs trees! Of course, I know that Laura probably feels very lucky to have such a kind, handsome friend as well. I hope you two had a great time catching up.

    I loved seeing all the gorgeous Sasha children that were visiting as well. Thank you for the wonderful photos. I just love seeing other people's beautiful dolls. Oh, but how my poor Theresa's heart ached! The wonderful curly haired Gregor among Joyce's dolls, was the very image of the missing twin brother that she knows is out there, even though he may be near impossible to find. We will just have to keep faith. It took my twins Greg and Sasha over 30 years to find each other at last, but they did. Thank you again for the wonderful doll pictures.

    Lorraine, your photos of the garden were just gorgeous! They were really like works of art. Maybe, we should start calling you Madame Moliere or perhaps Lorraine O'Keeffe. I particularly loved that close up of the inside of the pink poppy! It was breathtaking! May I have your permission to download it to my private slide-show? I could look at and admire that shot again and again.

    I apologize for not commenting sooner, but I have been so busy that I just have not had the time. I hope that you are able to read this comment. I will e-mail you again soon.

    Thank you once again for the pleasure.

    Elisabeth and the family at Fern Forest (or Woods if you are a big, clumsy Human)

    1. Hi there Elizabeth and Fern Forest friends :-) So glad you enjoyed this post. These events are such a privilege to attend and I was fortunate to have a special friend take me as otherwise I would have missed out. The garden is a delight, the dolls all gorgeous. That curly haired Gregor may have had his hair curled with pipe cleaners...I know Dawn has done that to some of her girls and boys, and they look absolutely adorable!

      You are welcome to download a picture of that poppy, thank you for asking, much appreciated.

      I do hope that you can find Theresa's long lost brother...I am sure you will one day :-)

      All the best,

      from all at Rose Cottage

  10. In spite of the gorgeous Sasha Dolls on display I think that your photos of Tim and Dawn's garden stole the show.
    Never have I seen it looking more magnificent ! Especially love the pics showing the lakeside and the close-ups of the flowers. My previous visits there were usually mainly focused on the residential and visiting dolls but today from these photos it was the garden shots that made my heart miss hundreds of beats. It's a wonder that I haven't had a heart attack!

    I hadn't even realised that there was this children's wooden play area down in this copse nor that she had the two ponies stabled there as usually I only walked as far as the nearby fountain and glanced at the swans with their cygnets on the lake from the patio.

    Super photos of 'Dear' Henry and the very pretty Laura enjoying their walk around the garden. It was so sweet that Laura's dress (that was made and donated to the Sasha Celebration Weekend's raffle by Tricia Jackson) matched those nearby flowers.

    In the photo labelled Joyce's dolls the three (red, blonde and brunette) NP's on the left are Sarah Price's, the next three Sashas and two Little Darling dolls standing in front of them are indeed Joyce's and the three Sashas on the right belong to Petrana.

    In another large group photo we have the three Sashas and the Jackie Rhydstrom re-rooted baby who belong to Louise (and her mother?) In front of these is Petrana's new customised by Shelly Baxter baby and in the middle are Rosie Shortell's two Sashas in their knitted muticoloured long cardigans and the two early brunette babies. Finally to the right are the toddler and two girls, all in their Sharon Humphrey's ra-ra outfits that belong to Paula Morton with Cathy Buckley-Mellor's two girls standing below.

    Lastly on one of the sideboards where Henry and Jocelyn Rose's dolls are, we have Theresa O'Neill's brunette girl with her pram, behind her are Tricia Jackson's two Sashas and in front on the right are Janet MyHill's customised three.

    Many thanks indeed for this beautiful post ....although it made me even sadder that I was unable to go this time. due to ill health.

    1. I have to say the garden was the highlight for me as well Kendal, there was such a feeling of tranquillity and peace that you just don't get when you live in suburbia, plus the wonderful displays of flowers, and layout and everything else just added to the beauty.

      It was of course great meeting up with everyone as well and catching up on various things. These events are all about meeting up with the wonderful people in this great hobby of ours.

      Thank you for the heads up as to who the various Sashas belonged to. At some stage I will add this to the post when I have a little bit more time to do some editing.

      It was such a shame you weren't able to attend, we missed you.


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