Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Blue Gingham and Sailors

A couple of weeks or so ago Laura put up a photo of her blue gingham girls on Facebook, I said I must get a photo of mine at some stage and finally got round to it!

Of course could I get them all looking the same way at the same time?

There were many grumbles about how cold it was and couldn't they pose inside instead.

From left to right:  Sara, Jane, Stevie, Victoria, Sally, Charlotte & Sasha

Strictly speaking, I am not sure Stevie was a blue gingham girl as she actually came in an older blue cord dress, but she decided she wanted to join the girls anyway.

Yesterday BJ's Sailor outfit arrived.  I now have my four red head siblings in sailor outfits thanks to Vicky who made three of them.  Claudius is of course wearing his original outfit.

Very proud they are as well.


  1. great pics! Funny how a "blond gingham sasha," which is something that should be identical, are all so different!

    1. It is isn't it Marti?! I had planned on doing close ups, but there were so many grumbles about how cold it was, I thought it prudent to leave until warmer weather, otherwise the girls might be wearing scowls on their pretty faces!

  2. I love these pictures! Thank you for posting!

  3. Gosh a great line up of blonde Gingham girls then. I'd be lucky if I can muster up two from that era and even then I'm not positive that they wore the Gingham dresses! Which year was it that the BLONDE girls began to wear the now famous Gingham? 1969?..... until 1986. I know that some of the 69/70 haired blonde lasses also wore the kilt and the London outfit.
    (I think that my Gingham outfits were worn by my brunette girls.)

    Very brave of you to set up and take their photos outside in this cold weather that we are having,
    The four red haired sailors are looking very smart in their sailor's uniforms.

    1. I am not sure of the year Kendal and my book isn't to hand at the moment to check. Relatively easy to muster up the blonde ginghams as that is mainly what I have! Trying to remember if my brunette came in a gingham dress or something else? I suspect that my two brunette girls are both gingham girls but without their original dresses.

      Yes very brave as it was rather cold out there!

      The red head sailors are very proud of their uniforms :-)

  4. Just beautiful Lorraine! I love your gingham girls all in a row. There is something very special about Sashas standing in a row and your blonde girls are all very lovely! Your sailor redheads are gorgeous and your photo looks like a proper family portrait. A great post! :) xxx


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