Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snow Day....Let's Play!

A little group of friends today looked out into the garden in awe.

Snow!  Just what Henry had been waiting for.

Peggy Sue joined Henry in the garden as the other girls and boys just claimed it was TOO COLD for them to want to bother - I think they just wanted to stay in bed!

Henry and Peggy Sue discuss whether there is enough snow to build a snowman yet....Henry doesn't think so.

It isn't long before Wren and Hitty Madge join them.   They started out at the same time, but little feet take longer to get where they were going.

Wren suggests they could throw snowballs.

Henry points out that it would probably not be a fair game...after all they are snow much bigger than both Wren and Hitty Madge, and as such their snowballs would be bigger as well.

Hitty Madge is secretly relieved....really playing snowballs at her age, is just not quite what she had in mind when venturing outside in the snow....although she would quite happily have helped build a snowman!

Soon they decide it is time to venture in again for a cup of hot chocolate (or milo!)


It seems a core group of my dolls want to interact together....sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to incorporate my blogs into one...that was what I originally intended, but then felt I should separate them for various reasons, but now I am not so sure.


  1. Being a Sasha Doll ONLY fanatic I personally like them being posted separately as such (especially when I'm commentating) BUT can see that you they might have more fun when interacting so don't let my views influence your final decision.

    1. Yes I understand what you are saying Kendal...which was why I originally split up my blogs in the first place ;-) Plus it is nice to have a blog dedicated to one very special type of doll.

  2. I don't know if you really want me to comment this point, but I'll try:
    I, for myself, found years ago that less dolls really 'like' one another. Only some matches well.
    Together they seems to be different then alone.
    I tried it successful with Tonnerdolls (Sydney Chase f.e.) and small Kish' (Riley f.e.), -but other trials failed.

    But I'm the one, who don't 'display' dolls, because I think with time I don't 'see' them anymore...
    So perhaps I'm only a crazy purist.

    (Sorry, this is not easy in german, but very difficult in english for me)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Your English is certainly better than my German! I understand what you are saying and in some ways I agree.

      I don't generally 'display' my dolls either - it is all about play, stories and interactions. I know exactly what you mean about if they are on display you don't 'see' them any more. But I do think different dolls can 'like' one another - it is all about how you view them and they are only limited by our imaginations. :-)

  3. This little group of friends is adorable. Their differences make them all the more charming. I'm glad they had their day in the snow. I wish we would get some...enough for me to have to stay home from work haha.

    1. Thank you Raine, I quite agree ;-) For me it is not so much about collecting but enjoying and 'playing' and we humans are all sizes and shapes and in theory should be able to get on, so I think it is perfectly okay for different sizes and shapes to interact in the doll world as well. It is all about having fun!

  4. It seems what is okay for some isn't for others, but after thinking about this myself, this is a blog primarily dedicated to Sasha & Gregor dolls and I am will keep it that way, although others WILL feature every now and again when they interact as Peggy Sue and Bobby for example are an integral part of the Sasha & Gregor family. Bobby being Henry's older brother and well Peggy Sue being Peggy Sue! ;-)

  5. I like to see them all together, and I think a bit of cross-over between doll populations is a good thing, and could lead to more fun everywhere!

    1. Thank you Kjerstin, I think a little cross-over is good as well and quite often turns out to be a lot of fun!


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