Friday, 26 September 2014

A Small Gathering of Friends

Gwilym and Henry are out in the garden chatting...

So did you hear about the twins Henry?  Gwilym asks.

Who, James & Connor?  What about them?  Henry asks back.

No, not those two.  Gwilym replies.

Then who?  Henry asks.

Richard and Karen of course.  Gwilym tells Henry.  Where have you been?

Henry is puzzled....

Quick here they are, wave!  Gwilym says to Henry.

Henry wonders what Gwilym was on about.

The boys wave at the twins.

Hi, how's it going?  Gwilym asks.

Hi. Pretty good.  Richard answers.

Where have you two been?  Henry asks.

we have just been looking at the fish.  Did you know there are six fish in the fish pond now?  Apparently they put 'Jaws' in with the others while the Sailor was home and he is very happy in there.  Karen tells Henry.

Before Henry can reply....

Rory approaches.

Rory immediately launches into a speech about his frogs as he walks up to the group.

Hey there.  Did you know that THREE frogs now live in our pond...only I can't find them today so I am most concerned.  I do hope that Percy the Chihuahua hasn't scared them off.  I know he drinks out of the pond so I hope that hasn't disturbed them as I do so like my frogs.  Where do you think they might have gone?

Christopher and Grace look at Rory stunned...they don't think he even drew breath for air!

Don't worry, Rory is a FF.  Gwilym explains.   

What's an eff eff?  Richard asks.

'Frog Fanatic'  Gwilym replies.  

Rory just loves frogs, lizards and other such creatures  Henry explains.  He has watched the tadpoles turn into little frogs that all seemed to leave the pond.  Then a big frog arrived, and now it seems two other large ones have arrived as well.

Wow!  You have frogs here? Richard asks.

What's Percy the Chihuahua?  Karen asks a little fearful

Oh Percy is nothing to worry about.  Henry reassures her.  

Well it depends if you are a frog or not!  Rory states.

I think you would have more worries if you were a squirrel.  Henry tells Rory.  Percy does not like the squirrels...they tease him.  It is not nice to tease animals.

But squirrels are animals.   Richard  says..

I know that, but they still tease poor Percy.  Henry explains.  They sit up the tree and shout at him.

Actually it can be a little bit funny.  Gwilym tells the twins.  I have actually heard them!

Karen looks a little unsure, although the boys do their best to reassure her that there is nothing to worry about.

They continue chatting.....

.....although Henry is still wondering what Gwilym was going on about.  

What about the twins should Henry have heard?


It often seems that the brunette waifs are the ones who are less likely to have the dreaded brunette falling hair syndrome that Sasha collectors dread (unless they are looking for a possible re-rooting candidate!)  Those mint in box, or minty dolls seem to suffer their fate far worse.  But it may also be something to do with the period of time they were produced...of course there are no hard and fast rules unfortunately as many have discovered!

I have two wonderful brunette waifs who when they arrived under went intensive hair washing and condition regime and cleaning with no detrimental effect.  I knew as soon as they arrived that they wouldn't have a problem, although remembering the last brunette whose hair I washed there was a little bit of trepidation...  That one was 'Danni'.  The hair was falling when he/she arrived but it was so sticky and dirty I had no option but to wash it, and sure enough it all fell out the minute water came in contact with it.

Any way back my brunette brother and sister.  Richard and Karen have been together all their 'lives' and hopefully will continue to remain together as they are very close and like to look out for each other.

As long as her dress isn't flowery, then her brother likes to have a matching waistcoat.  Not all children like to dress a like, but it seems there are two sets of twins  that do like to do so at Rose Cottage.  The twins James & Connor of course wear EXACTLY the same clothing, sometimes they will allow different coloured buttons but that is the limit of their acceptance of anything different.

These two being brother and sister can't of course wear exactly the same thing so they compromise where at all possible.

Richard is part of the Beatles tribute band that Henry formed after his time in Phoenix at the Sasha Festival this year.  He played the part of Paul McCartney and had the brilliant idea of forming a tribute band when he got back to the UK.

The band consists of:  Pierre, Henry, Richard and Gwilym.  They are getting rather impatient as they have ordered the first set of costumes and equipment and so far are still waiting.....they are looking for a drum set...although it hasn't been decided quite who the talent is that will be 'Ringo Starr'.  They are also looking for some more guitars!  These performers can be quite demanding!

 Note:  Richard and Karen have been renamed Christopher William and Annie Matilda after my great grandparents.


  1. We have a drum set - look for desktop drum kit, it cost about £15. The twins are lovely.

    1. Thank you, I will have to keep an eye out for a kit! I think they are as well :-)

  2. Richard and Karen are wonderful :). Their coordinating outfits are just great. How nice they were welcomed by friendly faces too! Glad the frogs numbers are up and hope they were just playing hide and seek with you! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I thought it would be fun to have some themes running within the various little groups that reside here.

      I think the frogs come and go as they please...they know they have a 'base camp' now!

  3. Are there any new characters here as I seem to have lost touch with your dolls of late? I'm particularly wondering about Richard and
    Gwilym as don't seem to recognise those names.

    What is most definitely NEW though is your new paved area with it's unusual planters. Very smart indeed.

    Pleased to hear for Rory's sake that some frogs have now made your pond their home.

    Looking forward to seeing Henry's Beatle tribute band in action in the very near furure.

    1. Gwilym was introduced earlier this month Kendal and is absolutely gorgeous, a confident individual who doesn't mind wearing bright colours that don't necessarily go together and chooses just what he is going to wear with the up most thought! He is quite good friends with Francis and their friendship is yet to develop and evolve.

      I am not sure if Richard's name is the definitive name yet....I have been toying with names for the twins, but not entirely happy or convinced that they ARE their names...

      Yes the patio is great! We also have one outside my sewing studio as well which is wonderful. Currently working on other areas of the garden - putting down edging, barking etc... so still a work in progress.

      I need to get some more beading for the Beatles jackets...I only had enough for two, so still have two to make! Plus the instruments, but hopefully in the near future.


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