Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cowboys, Country Girls and Indians

Back in August we had a delightful day with Doll Mum and her lovely daughter.  

The theme of the day was  'Cowboys, Country girls and Indians'   and we had such a wonderful time.

Kaya is sitting outside her tepee contemplating the day - she has heard that there are going to be some visitors to the reservation and she is excited about seeing them.  She wonders if she should get out some of her special treasures to show.

The first to arrive is Molly and Kaya tells her about the her treasures, a bow and arrow, papoose and a special little drum, along with her new friend the Canadian Indian Boy.  Molly asks what it is like living in a tepee.

While Kaya and Molly are busy taking Peggy Sue has decided to visit the babies she has heard so much about. 

Peggy Sue chats to Florence their older sister.

Excuse me.....

Miranda is busy with Clemence who is most concerned he can't find Laura.

Baby Mabel tries to comfort Clemence, but he isn't content for long...and wanders off.

Florence is delighted to have a little bit of time without the babies Leo and Mabel while Peggy Sue looks after them.

Peggy Sue asks them if they would like a story.

Clemence hearing the word story is soon back to sit with them...He is always up for a story or two.

Meanwhile Henry is out riding his horse Stratford...

....when suddenly he is surprised by a little bear who has appeared on Stratford's head.  

Clemence whispers something in his ear...something about finding Laura...but all Henry sees is this vision of a beautiful girl riding a white horse.

Is this this vision for real?

Using his feet he gives Stratford instructions to change direction.

He sets off round the Indian camp to meet up with the girl.

Hello, I am Henry.  He introduces himself.  Are you Laura?

Why yes I am.  The girl on the white horse replies.

Meanwhile Stevie comes across a little bear on the grass.

He whispers something in her ear....

She listens intently.

Very soon he is reunited with Laura his favourite girl.

Stevie pats Stratford while Henry and Laura chat.

I think Henry was very besotted by Laura, he hasn't seen any other friends ride horses before.

But wait, what about these two cowboys here?

Reuben and Nicholas James are having a discussions on the merits of riding a pony....Nicholas James isn't convinced...

It may not be so far to fall off you know Reuben, but I still wish I could ride Stratford as I feel a bit silly riding this little pony.

If only Nicholas James had voiced his wish to Henry, I am sure Henry would have given him a ride!

Thank you DollMum and daughter for such a lovely day.

Sorry it has taken us so long to blog about it.

To read DollMum's post about our fabulous day click here.

A very big thank you to Doll Mum for the fabulous Tepee she made Henry as well.  He is absolutely delighted with it as are the other children here at Rose Cottage.  He really does believe wishes come true!


  1. Lovely post Lorraine. I enjoyed Anna's post too. The tepees are wonderful and it is so nice to see the kids and the babies enjoying the teepees, horses and the pony too. I love the outfits and western wear. Clemence is adorable and I wonder now if Henry is sweet on Laura?? :) xxx

    1. We had such a lovely day Ginger and a lot of fun and laughs to in trying to get the tepees to stand up properly! Henry like all his girl friends, but still has a very soft spot for Pinny and sends her his love :-)

  2. of course wishes come true if you wish hard enough! Laura is rather beautiful - red haired girl on a white horse - what is not to like - so I'm not surprised that Henry is rather taken with her. I'm glad you got a picture of Miranda in the country clothes, I somehow managed to not photograph her except in the background.
    It is good to see the story of our great afternoon from your perspective, I'll show your post to my younger daughter later, she is busy watching 'Annie' on DVD with her big sister at the moment.

    1. It seems Henry has that ability! He might be looking at his red haired sister a little bit differently now...although I think Laura had the advantage of also being on a horse...made her that much more exciting to Henry who sometimes seems to forget he actually has sisters!

      I tried to bring in aspects of your story without copying glad you like it :-) Hope your daughter enjoys it as well. So I wonder if the Sashas in your house will be acting out 'Annie' next?!

  3. Annie - now there is a thought! Only thing is I'm not into putting Laura's hair into tight curlers to get the 'Annie' look. Maybe Matilda the Aussie girl would make a good substitute, though she is rather tall compared to the Sasha's to be an orphan child!

  4. Sorry I hadn't realised that this post was up having problems with my laptop these last few days (definitely in need of a replacement!)

    What a superb Sasha funday you all seemed to have had including fabulous weather plus a lovely garden in which to play 'Sashas!'
    So much to notice and take note of and great to see the Sasha children (and grown-ups!) enjoying playing outside on that smartly mowed lawn.
    Especially loving the horses and Tepee tents and nice to see Clemence, the little Bramber Bear again.

    1. No apologies needed, it was only posted last night Kendal. Glad you enjoyed the post, we had a lot of fun...the weather wasn't quite as good as it looks in the photos, but at least it stayed dry!

      Hope you are well, often think of you here. Love Lorraine, Henry & the rest of the gang.


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