Sunday, 10 August 2014

Henry in Wales

Henry has just enjoyed a week away in Wales and has posted the first of his holiday photos here  (Click on the word 'here' to be taken to the page.


  1. Hi Lorraine, haven't been looking at blogs lately - not much anyway! But I am glad to see that Henry is still going strong. He looks absolutely ready to clumber over the Welsh mountain side! Still as gorgeous as ever. xxx Karin

    1. Thanks Karin...did you get to see the rest of the photos on his blog? He had a fabulous time in Wales but had to be prepared for wet weather...although as it turned out it we got some pretty good weather even though most days we left base it was raining.

    2. No - stupid me!!! Must have a look tomorrow. Can't keep my eyes open and am off to bed. Will check it out properly tomorrow! xxx Karin


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